Travel After COVID-19

23.04.2020 Fiona Mokry

Closed borders, grounded flights, quarantine orders — the travel world has been brought to its knees by the Covid-19 pandemic. As we creep quietly through spring and teeter on the edge of summer, the level of stir-crazy felt by the travel community has reached an all-time high. At the same time, everyone wants to remain respectful of worldwide stay-at-home orders as we do our small part to flatten the curve. It’s safe to say that travel is not topping anyone’s priority list, however this conundrum begs the question: "when can I travel again?" -Guest blog written by Fiona Mokry, world travelling content writer and blogger.

The truth is, this pandemic will alter how we travel in the future and what we feel comfortable with once restrictions are lifted. Suddenly a popular all-inclusive resort in Mexico doesn’t sound so appealing. Neither does strolling down a bustling New York City street or dancing the night away in a jam-packed Berlin nightclub.

I remain positive that this unprecedented time will pass, and that work, life, and travel will bounce back. Borders will be passable, flights will resume, and hotels and restaurants will once again throw open their doors and welcome customers more heartily than ever before. But I’m curious - how many tourists will be waiting to get in? How long will it take for the world’s population to feel at ease with social nearness, close quarters, and space sharing?

What does travel look like after Covid-19?

These days, potential travel scenarios consume my thoughts as I try to answer this question. As someone who grew up in and around the water, I often envision cruising across the ocean on a private luxury yacht, swimming in a secluded slice of sapphire sea, and having the ability to move, breathe, and see the sights without fear of contact with “the outside world.” As a traveler seeking an alternative way to roam while still maintaining social distance, this is my current daydream…

Then I learned about Boataffair — a boutique yacht experience company—and realized my daydream could become my next vacation. Hand-crafted holidays and personalized boat rentals offered by this innovative start-up create an incredible getaway experience that formerly existed only in my imagination. Not only that, Boataffair’s exclusivity provides a safe option for travel - even in these uncertain times. Risky, overcrowded tourist attractions are traded for serene ocean views and sparsely-populated island excursions. Noisy hotels buzzing with travelers are a thing of the past, replaced by private, on-board sleeping quarters with nothing more than the lapping waves to lull you to sleep. Consider all this, and it’s clear Boataffair is one of the few companies that can offer an alternative way to travel without compromising the comfort or high expectations of a holiday.

Boataffair even managed to save a family’s Maldivian holiday in March (2020) by chartering them a motor yacht after they arrived in-country and made the last-minute decision to cancel their hotel reservation. Seeking something more private and isolated, the family instead enjoyed a secluded holiday sailing the turquoise seas in luxurious comfort and with complete peace of mind.  


Boataffair has the boat rental market cornered in the best of times. In the worst of times, the company still finds ways to safely deliver customers’ dream vacations directly to their door. This pandemic has forced us all to be more creative; virtual happy hours, Zoom meetings, and “distance walking” keep relationships alive. While keeping travel afloat appears to be more of a challenge, Boataffair shows us it doesn’t have to be. If you’re asking yourself when can I travel again? - Boataffair has the answer.

Travel After COVID-19

About the author:

Fiona is a world-traveling content writer and blogger. As a regular contributor to the respected online travel community, The Discoverer, she has lived, worked and traveled abroad for years as an English teacher and Dive Master. Fiona currently makes her living by sharing her travel knowledge and experiences as a freelance writer.

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