Virtual Tours of our Top 6 Mediterranean Yachting Destinations

04.05.2020 Fiona Mokry

These days – sadly – no one is doing much holiday prepping or planning. How can we when we're stuck in place, waiting for the dust from Covid-19 to settle? Until travel restarts, we'll have to settle for the next best thing: virtual travel. Although it can never replace "the real thing", interactive videos allow us to experience our dream vacations without leaving home. And – most importantly – fill us with inspiration for future trips.

So, what's on the itinerary for 2020? I'm personally being drawn toward the Mediterranean, a multi-dimensional destination stacked with breathtaking beaches, historic landmarks, and national parks. Doubling the appeal is Boataffair's access to a fleet of mediterranean yachts, allowing for a comfortable and customized experience from a private vessel.

Discover my picks for the top Mediterranean destinations below. So you can experience each location’s unique features, I've gathered together some amazing virtual tour videos. Immerse yourself in some virtual travel and launch your potential summer holiday plans into reality!

1) Virtual tour of Ancient Greece - Attic Peninsula

Greece. The name alone concurs images of white-washed homes perched along windswept cliffs, glittering seas, and white-pebbled beaches. It's hard to imagine all this natural beauty is just a prelude to the main event. The country's most prominent sanctuary, the Temple of Poseidon, clings to the top of a 60-meter bluff overlooking the sea off the southern tip of the Attic Peninsula. Built in the 5th century BC to honour Poseidon, God of the Sea, its location could not be more fitting. Chartering a boat in Greece is worth it just to glimpse the temple from this rarely-seen angle. Feeling inspired? Why not browse our choices of luxury yacht charter Greece.


2) Croatia - Hvar & the Dalmatian Islands

What better way to soak up the Sun Basket of Europe than from the deck of a private charter yacht? Croatia's Dalmatian islands are some of the sunniest and greenest pieces of land on earth, and gems like Hvar, Brac, and Mljet are all easily reachable by boat. Island hop from chic galleries and seaside parties on Hvar, to the beautiful blue waters off Brac, to the most vibrant and pristine of them all, Mljet. The island's namesake national park and mythical Odysseus Cave (both easily accessible by private charter) cement Mljet's place as the region's crown jewel. If these look like destinations you'd love to visit, why not take a look at our huge selection of luxury motor yacht charter Croatia.

Virtual tour of the Island of Hvar in Croatia

Experience the beautiful blue waters off Brac, Croatia

Enjoy some arial shots of Mljet Island in Croatia. Including Saplunara and Oddyseus Cave

Swim through the enchanting Odysseus Cave in Mljet, Croatia

3) Sicily / Italy

As the largest island in the Mediterranean, the volcanic coast of Sicily is flush with sights and activities. Day trip away from the water and feel the fury of Mount Etna – one of the world's tallest and most active volcanoes – before setting sail for Stromboli, a volcanic island flung off Sicily's northern coast. Take advantage of commanding your own yacht and satisfy your adventurous soul with an off-shore excursion to the 50-meter basalt sea stack, Strombolicchio, and its 20th century lighthouse. We can huighly recommend an Aeolian Islands yacht charter to see these amazing places.

Fly over Mount Etna

Stromboli - an Aeolian Island with a very active volcano

Virtual tour of Strombolicchio, a volcanic sea stack


4) Kotor / Montenegro

Monteverde stands apart from the rest of the destinations on this list due to its lesser-known status on the tourist track. But don't let that deter you; Monteverde is an absolute stunner and exploring it before it comes mainstream will make it a trip to remember. The bow-shaped Bay of Kotor is enough to make you catch your breath, but wait until you see what's in store just steps from the water's edge. Stari Grad - Kotor’s Old Town and UNESCO site – is a charming maze of cobblestone roads and medieval structures just waiting to be discovered.

Virtual tour Bay of Kotor in Monte Negro


Stari Grad - Kotor’s Old Town

5) Côte d’Azur / France

Nothing says sophistication like yachting around the French Riviera. With its glitzy vibes and exquisite culture, this piece of Mediterranean coast is pure perfection. Tour the Côte d’Azur by chartering a boat and stopping off in whichever city you desire.

While it’s difficult to pinpoint one, Nice stands out for its array of sites that can be admired right from the water. The historic hillside villages (including Villefranche-sur-Mer and its striking citadel) and the iconic Promenade de Anglais are the highlights.

French Riviera - Côte d'Azur virtual tour


Virtual city tour of Nice, France

6) Fethiye / Turkey – Author’s Pick!

Living along Turkey's southwest coast for two years allowed me multiple occasions to discover the region's rugged coastline. In my opinion, the "Turkish Riviera" is just as spectacular as Europe's Med, but with fewer tourists. Sky-high cliffs clustered around the sea create deep gorges and dozens of private bays and coves. Two of the most stunning natural landscapes are both quick boat rides away from Fethiye, the area's main port. Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi) is home to 100 species of butterflies which can be spotted during a jungle trek through the canyon. Continue sailing south from Butterfly Valley and you'll reach Kabak Village (Kabak Koyu). It's here where your next adventure commences with a wilderness hike to a secluded, multi-level waterfall and swimming hole. Paradise! And what better way to visit this paradise than by private yacht charter, browse our available luxury yachts in Turkey.

Virtual tour of Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Vadisi), Fethiye, Turkey


Kabak Koyu - Fethiye, Turkey


Whether you're looking for luxury and sophistication or untouched nature and adventure, these 6 Mediterranean hot-spots surpass expectations. Visiting these incredible destinations is on hold while we wait for travel revival. So, in the meantime, let's allow virtual travel to spark our creative side and help us plan the future holiday of our dreams.

Virtual Tours of our Top 6 Mediterranean Yachting Destinations

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