5 Must-See Places in the Indian Ocean

26.05.2020 Fiona Mokry

Stretching from Asia down to Antarctica and bound by Australia and Africa on the east and west, the Indian Ocean creates the most diverse coastline in the world. Scuba dive pristine waters, sprawl on sun-soaked beaches, swim with whale sharks, or soak up the ocean vistas from the deck of your superyacht charter – whatever your travel style, the islands of the Indian Ocean provide. And Boataffair is waiting in the wings, ready to make your next big trip the best one yet.

With the sights varying from beaches to coral reefs and activities ranging from highly adventurous to blissfully serene, we felt words alone couldn’t do this region justice. Click the links below and enjoy virtual travel to what we consider the 5 best places in the Indian Ocean.

1. Madagascar / Africa

The journey begins at La Marina Crater, Madagascar’s yachting hub on the northwestern island of Nosy Be. This region houses Madagascar’s most epic dive sites, including the remote and unforgettable Geyser Reef. Located 300km offshore, it takes close to 24 hours to reach the crescent-shaped shoal, but dives full of untouched corals and humpback whales make the voyage undeniably worthwhile. Alternatively, visitors can opt to stay closer to shore and dive with turtles, whale sharks, and moray eels around the Radama and Mitsio Archipelagos.

2. The Maldives / Asia

Nowhere else allows you to leave the world behind quite like the Maldives. Flung 1,000 kilometers off the coast of southern India, a holiday here is characterized by luxury, privacy, and unspoiled natural beauty. Over 1,100 islets shaped by white-sand beaches, lush jungle, and aquamarine water welcome visitors looking to unwind in the most idyllic setting on earth. As a premier scuba diving and yachting destination, days are best spent island-hopping, swimming off private moorings, and discovering the colorful marine life thriving below the surface.

3. Seychelles / Africa

Postcard-perfect beaches are the main attraction in the Seychelles, a 115-island nation ripe for exploring by private boat. For the most stunning beaches, head to Praslin, a haven of powder-soft sand punctuated by big boulders and crystal-clear water. Anse Lazio has earned awards for its incredible beauty, boasting a secluded location, calm waters, and plenty of underwater life to keep snorkelers entertained for hours. When you’ve worked up an appetite, simply swim to shore and refresh with a cool drink and locally-caught seafood. After you’ve recharged, push off for Curieuse Island and walk side-by-side with the Seychelles tortoises. Weighing in between 300 – 600 pounds, these are the largest of their kind in the world! Is there a more perfect day than that?

4. Mauritius / Africa

Mauritius proper tempts travelers with scuba diving, ivory coastlines, and tasty cuisine, but the real gem is cast another 500 kilometers off the already remote African isle. Due to its far-flung location and the government’s protective stance, the tropical waters and sun-bleached sand of Saint Brandon Nature Reserve remain utterly pristine. Only 200 foreigners are permitted to enter the conservation area every year, ensuring the 50 islands and surrounding water of Saint Brandon remain one of the few wholly-undeveloped reserves left in the world. The journey offshore is an adventure in itself, but for bold travelers who seek the diving, fishing and kitesurfing opportunity of a lifetime, this is the ultimate experience.

5. Perth / Australia

Defined by its paradox, Perth is known as the most isolated city on earth while maintaining its cosmopolitan status thanks to its plethora of art galleries, unique history, award-winning restaurants, and centuries-old wine regions. Once you set sail off the western coast, however, you’ll soon discover the best parts of Perth lie along the Coral Coast. Whet your appetite at Shark Bay, delivering on the marine wildlife front with ample opportunities to spot turtles, dolphins, and dugongs directly from the boat. Take it one step further at Ningaloo Reef where you can dive in and swim with whale sharks and humpback whales!


The magnificent Indian Ocean coastline was designed for travelers who can’t get enough of the marine world. The common thread woven from world-class diving, uninhabited islands, remote beaches, and abundant sea life strings together four continents that are otherwise half a world apart. Boataffair helps to make the world a smaller place by offering luxury boat charters in all 5 locations, allowing for world exploration—one exotic destination at a time.



5 Must-See Places in the Indian Ocean
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