What Is a Superyacht?

28.09.2020 Fiona Mokry

A superyacht, or mega yacht, is exactly what it sounds like — a large, luxurious, professionally-crewed vessel, loaded with all the amenities you’d expect from a 5-star hotel. Starting out at a length of 24 meters (79 feet), superyachts are decked out with elegant décor, spacious berths, and come equipped with all sorts of “extras.” Expect novelties such as a jacuzzi, barbecue, sound system, a variety of water sport and fishing equipment, and much more. 

How Big is A Superyacht?

According to many official sources, a superyacht has to be over 75 feet in length (23m). In reality, most superyachts range between 24 to 180 meters (79 feet to 590 feet). Most charter superyachts sleep between 6-12 people. While some are fitted out for a fiesta and are equipped to host up to 50 people, like this 50 guest party yacht in Baja, Mexico.

However it takes more than just size to reach elite superyacht status. Total extravagance is necessary to claim the superyacht title. Impressive size and over-the-top opulence unite to create this grandiose yacht, two characteristics that Boataffair requires of each member of its fleet. With a superyacht charter, customer service is also of the utmost importance. Included in the charter price is a crew of highly trained professionals, including scuba and yoga instructors, masseuses, and high-end chefs who accompany guests on the trip and ensure every need is met. 

Whether you’re after a peaceful getaway or want to host the party of the year, there’s a Boataffair superyacht to fit your holiday desires and capacity requirements.

In addition to size and capacity, Boataffair’s superyacht fleet offers a number of lavish perks; from the grand living quarters of this BVI superyacht charter - to the onboard massage therapist aboard this Christensen Superyacht. Or how about this adventure-ready vessel in Croatia, prepare to have every need met and exceeded. 

What Is a Superyacht?

How Many Mega Yachts Are There in the World?

Currently, there are more than 10,000 superyachts around the world, with another 150 newly crafted vessels entering the market every year. Here at Boataffair we boast a notable collection and currently we have over 100 superyachts available for charter in 32 different locations around the globe.

What is the Cost to Charter A Mega Yacht?

The features of magnificent mega yachts are boundless, which begs the question “how much does it cost to charter a superyacht?” While the price per charter tends to be lofty, it is possible to board a mega yacht without breaking the bank.

Superyacht charters can cost as little as €5,000 per day—and remember, that price includes a plethora of complimentary service like airport pick-up and drop-off, gourmet meals, a full bar, fresh juices, water sport and leisure equipment, barbecue set-up, national park and/or landmark entrance fees, laundry services, and a fully-staffed crew.  



Those who do decide to charter a mega yacht always say the level of service, accessible entertainment, and impeccable luxury are well worth the price tag. Chartering a superyacht is ideal for a romantic getaway with a loved one or a unique venue choice to celebrate a birthday or other special events.

Regardless of the reason, one thing’s for sure: a superyacht charter won’t leave you wanting anything more from a holiday. 


Check out Boataffair’s selection of superyacht charters and start planning your next dream vacation!

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