Ukraine Needs Your Help

08.03.2022 Natalya Walker

We are incredibly saddened and shocked by the war in Ukraine. We have family, good friends & team members there. We cannot believe how their world and the life of everyone has changed in just one week.

Boataffair condemns in the strongest terms the Russian invasion. We want to help. Please see the resources we compiled below.

We compiled a number of ways how we can all help. Please share this information. All the sources are verified and trusted. Some are international organisations, and some are smaller but highly focused on immediate help to those in this time of need in Ukraine. Here our list:
Ukraine Charity. 100% of donations will be matched by EBRD:
Medical and emergency supplies. 90% of your donation sent directly to the cause:
Established by the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK. 100% of your donation sent directly to the cause:
UNICEF. 88% of your donation sent directly to the cause.
The IRC (International Rescue Committee) 86.92% of your donation sent directly to the cause:
WCK (World Central Kitchen). Serving fresh meals to the Ukrainian families - refugees as well as those still in Ukraine. 85.7 % of your donation sent directly to the cause:

Messenger of Peace. Ukraine based charity aimed at helping children. Established in 2009 and has helped many children of families in need:
Leleka Foundation - US based charity. Medical supplies and first-aid kits:
If you are in Switzerland, there are 2 different points for donation of emergency supplies to be sent to help Ukrainian women and children seeking refuge
1. Daily collection point (09.00-21.00) in Zurich at Albisriederstrasse 243A, 8047 Zurich
2. Another collection point can be found here:

There are multiple collection points across the UK. Please message us your location and if you like to help, we will send you location closest to you.

Friends from Poland are helping Ukraine. Please share with Ukrainian families who need this help.  
A map has been created that allows refugees from Ukraine to find a home in Poland to accept them. Clicking on the location will display the contact details of the person who offered help.

You can also apply for refugee housing using this form ->
Helping to find shelter and a place to live for Ukrainian families

Thank you for your help. Let us stand together. For Ukraine. For the victims of the war. For all humans. For peace.

Ukraine Needs Your Help
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