SE Winds - 7 Day Cruise

Seychelles Island Hopping

Beautiful route to discover all of the beauty offered by the Seychelles

The name Seychelles is often hidden under a different one. “Paradise on Earth” is called by tourists who had the opportunity to be here. According to local legends, after the creation of the world, God had a handful of diamonds. He scattered them into the waters around East Africa and he said: “Here I create something wonderful.” And that’s how Seychelles arised!
Find the best way to explore the beauty of the whole Seychelles! Below there are exemplary itineraries for different winds. Depending on the weather conditions and your preferences skipper will advise you the best option. Note: The itineraries are not the commercial offer.


Day 1: Eden Island - Beau Vallon

Day 2: Beau Vallon - Praslin (Anze Lazio)

Day 3: Praslin (Anze Lazio) - Curieuse Island

Day 4: Curieuse Island - Coco Island

Day 5: Coco Island - La Digue

Day 6: La Digue - Praslin (Baie Ste Anne) - Eden Island

Day 7: Eden Island (Disembarkation)

From € 4'550

10 7 Days
7 day cruise of the Seychelles
Available with 7 yachts
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