Day charter in Dubai

Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai, UAE City & Landmarks

From the Palm Jumeirah to the Burj al Arab, this cruise will allow you to see the real beauty of Dubai

Once embarked, the first stop will be at the lovely Palm Jumeirah. This lovely artificial island is shaped like a tree and is full of luxury villas and majestic hotels. This is where the real luxury of the city can be witnessed as from the sea you will be able to breathe the millionaire air. Villas, cars and SPAs are just the tip of the iceberg of what this area can offer, an area where at night the clubs start to be filled with dancing people having a great time.

From there, the cruise will take you straight to the Burj al Arab, home of the famous sail-shaped hotel. From the sea, the architectural beauty of this structure is even more beautiful! The last stop is the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This is where the luxury really stands out, with a large and futuristic hotel just metres behind the sandy beach.

This trip is fantastic as it enables you to visit the beautiful locations offered by Dubai in just 3 hours. You can visit them quickly, but without missing any details!

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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