Split – Dubrovnik – Split 2 week charter

Marina Kastela, Split, Croatia Along the Coast

For a two week-charter, in case you would like to visit the old town of Dubrovnik from Kaštela, we will suggest excellent places worth of your time. Since it is kind of a long journey we didn’t make a route, since it could happen that you might not visit for example Dubrovnik due to a weather conditions, so we advise to do the plan on the spot with the skipper.


Island number 1 in Croatia. Full of life and full of restaurants, hidden beaches and a wide range of joy and party activities. The most famous island, even outside of the border of Croatia. An island with the most sunny days/year.
Bays and anchor:
• For swim and anchor drop: bays on both sides before entering Starigrad (Hvar), bays on
Pakleni islands
• For spending the night: Taršće, Zdrlica on Pakleni islands
Palmižana (Pakleni Islands):
Discover hidden beaches, crystal clear sea and an extraordinary shaped islet. This gem will definitely touch your soul. Relax in the shade, sunbath on the cosy sand or stony beach, or reward yourself with some summer cocktail and feel the summer.


Korčula town, on the Korčula island, is considered as one of the most beautiful places on islands in Croatia. Definitely worth of visiting.
Bays and anchor:
• For swim and anchor drop: Proizd, Tarita, Kneza, Badiya bay
• For spending the night: Gradina (before Vela Luka), Badija, Porto Us
One of the most atractive gems of whole islands. Island full of mystic, olives and vines.
Bays and anchor:
• For swim and anchor drop: Lokva (before Pomene), bays before Polace
• For spending the night: Lokva, Polace, Prozura

Elafiti islands:
Name comes from „elaphos“= dear (animal). The landscapes of these islands are astonishing, and the sandy beaches await your footprint to leave a trail.

One of the most famous towns in Croatia, this beautiful town is a place to be. Nowdays, the popularity of this town is due to a fact that the Dubrovnik took a great part in the Game of Thrones series, as that town represented The King's Landing. Walls of the town will make you feel like you want to stay a bit longer and discover every part of it


14km from Korčula, this 10km long and 5.8km wide got the reward as the Park of Nature.

Bays and anchor:

• For swim and anchor drop:


• For spending the night: Mali Lago, Skrivena Luka Vis: Head over to Vis, experience pure tranquility and let the stress of a daily life simply dissapear. On the other side of Vis you can visit Komiža. Place which exudes Dalmatian arhitecture and Dalmatian cousine. Tiny streets will surely make an impression.

Bays and anchor:

• For swim and anchor drop: Stiniva, Stončica, Smokova, Zaglav

• For spending the night: Vis bay, Budikovac, Porat on Biševo, Ruda

Maslinica (Šolta): Place has arisen back in 1703 when a family Marchi builted a famous castle for a defense and a protection. Nowdays is a must-see and converted into a luxury accomodation with a restaurant aswell.

Bays and anchor:

• For swim and anchor drop: Krušica (Šolta)

• For spending the night: Livka, left from Stomorska

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8 14 Days
All of Croatia's best spots from Dubrovnik to Kaštela
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