Dolphin Watching

Marbella, Spain Dolphins & Whales

Unique and beautiful. Among all the popular attractions that the city of Marbella offers is the dolphin watching.

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Galery image

The Costa del Sol is lucky to have dolphins that pass by the coast and there is a 20% chance of seeing these amazing animals in their habitat.  Seeing dolphins is a show for the whole family, especially for children!

Dolphins are usually seen throughout the day in the summer when the sea is calm, although more frequently during the early morning, when they come from the Strait of Gibraltar to feed near the beach. The rest of the day, they are scattered in herds of 20 to 50 specimens all along the coast.

Dolphins, when swimming in herds, are very sociable animals and like to play in the wake of boats by following them during the trip for long periods. The dolphins that visit us on our coasts are usually bottlenose dolphins, a very common species in our Mediterranean Sea.

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