Petrovac on the sea

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Petrovac is a modern resort town of the Budva Riviera, crowded in the summer months by tourists. You can see several large hotels, an infinite number of apartments and a lot of the sale announcements of apartments in Russian.

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Classic pastime in Petrovac is lying all day on the beach, an evening walk along the promenade with a demonstration of the wardrobe, and dinner in a restaurant on the same embankment. This is a calm, measured rest, from which you can easily get tired.

For those who like active recreation, water scooters, kayaks and snorkeling around the two islets - Katich and Holy Sunday - are available to choose from.
Names and the church were presented to the islands by sailors who returned safely from distant voyages. 

After a short but interesting tour of the town, the best thing to do is to go to the beach and relax. For those that are more active, you can always play games on the beautiful sand or the crystal clear waters, as well as going for a tour on a kayak and snorkel to explore the underwater world of the area.

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