Amalfi Coast and Cilento

Salerno, Italy Along the Coast

The beautiful Amalfi Coast and Cilento is unmissable. Be sure to enjoy it on board a magical sailing boat

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Gulf of Salerno: enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf and the Amalfi Coast overlooking the sea.

Castellabate: Castellabate is a town famous internationally for its huge historical-archaeological heritage, its beautiful gulf and long golden beaches. Castellabate offers the possibility of beaches and services equipped for beach tourism in the many localities: Santa Maria with the beach of Pozzillo and the central Marina Piccola are tourist sites par excellence, with the possibility to spend even pleasant evenings in the characteristic locales around the marina of the Gatte.

Acciaroli: Acciaroli represents at best the beauties of Cilento and its coast, the sea and the beaches of this territory. Off the beaten track and by mass tourism, as an enchanting fishing village, over time it has become a seaside resort of national importance. Despite spending years, it still preserves its urban appearance intact in the streets of the historic center and in stone houses. It is included in the territory of the Cilento National Park.

Palinuro: a rock show above and below the sea. Capo Palinuro, stretched out in the sea with its extraordinary pentadactyl shape, is one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in the whole of Campania, with its rocks falling vertically into the sea for over 50 meters.

Among the thousand rifts in the rocks, above which the lighthouse of Capo Palinuro stands out, numerous varieties of birds nest and plants and flowers typical of the Mediterranean climate grow.

But the true treasure of Capo Palinuro is below sea level: no less than 32 caves, a paradise for divers, the most important being the blue cave, named for the spectacular play of light on the water, the silver cave and the sulphurous one, which contains a source of sulphurous water.

Maratea: Romantic, elegant, pristine: some have baptized Maratea the "pearl of the Tyrrhenian" for its precious beauty that makes you fall in love at first sight. Sea caves, silent beaches and lush mountains that plunge into transparent waters, Maratea is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Basilicata and an ideal stop for those who love the sea. Those who practice snorkeling or diving here can immerse themselves in clear waters to admire the rich vegetation of the sea floor. The village of Maratea has the typical beauty of small Mediterranean towns, with white houses and narrow streets that are lost in romantic little squares. The enormous statue of Christ the Redeemer (second only to that of Rio de Janeiro), twenty-one meters high and built on top of Mount San Biagio, dominates over everything. From there you can admire the coastline of Maratea in all its splendor.

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