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The small bay of Cala Fornells is located only two kilometers from downtown Peguera. Framed by pine forests and cliffs, it is an attractive destination for summertime excursions. With its crystal-clear water and sparkling white sandy beach, Cala Fornells has a picture-postcard perfect setting. In summer, Cala Fornells also is frequented by tour boats anchoring across from the bay. Don’t forget to bring your snorkel and goggles!



Not far from Puerto Andratx lies one of the most stunning rocky bays in the southwest of Mallorca, Cala Llamp. With its turquoise water and colorful undersea world, Cala Llamp attracts many summertime tourists. Sometimes, more than 100 boats are anchored in the bay. A highlight of Cala Llamp is the beach club directly on the sea. The view of Cala Llamp from the beach club’s terrace is breathtaking. An absolute must for every visitor: the pool offering revitalization even on the hottest days. The appealing open-air restaurant with its vast selection of Mediterranean delicacies also is worth a visit.


Nestled among steep cliffs stretching along the coast from Camp de Mar all the way to Peguera Bay you will find Cala Monjo. If you arrive by boat, you will be enthralled by the view of this fjord-like cove. A short stretch of beach hugs the pine forest on the spurs of the Tramuntana mountain range. This cozy bay is a paradise for divers and snorkelers. Even in high season, the bay is peaceful and quiet because there are only a few boats anchored in its shallow water; most boating tourists do not stop here, but continue to Peguera Bay.



The upscale marina of Portals Nous in the southwest of the island is a favored meeting point for the rich and famous. Many celebrities berth their yachts in Portals Nous which is why the port is so popular with paparazzi and spectators. Sometimes they have to watch out to not miss any of the true VIPs. Luxury abounds in Portals Nous – boutiques, top-notch restaurants and a plethora of shops offering premium-quality items for those who can afford them. Portals Nous is known in particular for its nightlife; marina visitors are offered live music and shows till the wee hours of the morning.


Even on the narrow sand beach of Portals Nous you will see a well-known face now and then. However, most of the celebs are hard to make out in the daylight because they tend to keep to the shade after having partied all night at one of the upscale venues in Portals Nous. The audience at the beach usually is multi-cultural, and Spanish joy of life mixes with the pretentious coolness of the visitors to the marina. This mix is what makes Portals Nous beach so unique, a place where you are sure to have an entertaining day.



Who wouldn’t think of the Caribbean at the sight of a beach covered with fine sand and lined with palm trees … However, you don’t have to travel that far – Mallorca offers Caribbean flair, you just have to know where to look for it. Cala Vinyes in the southwest is one of these magical places. The 80-meter wide and 60-meter long beach is the picturesque setting of this small bay near Magaluf. With its shallow water and a playground right on the beach, it is the perfect spot for families with small children. The beach bar and the restaurant right on the beach offer outstanding culinary treasures.



The small bay of Camp de Mar, framed by towering cliffs, has 180 meters of sandy beach that attract swimmers in the summer months. A curiosity at this beach is the tiny island that can be accessed by walking over a wooden footbridge. The restaurant on the island offers delicious food and cold beverages. Camp de Mar mainly is known for its golf course.



From Sant Elm you have a perfect view of the island of Sa Dragonera which translates into “Dragon Island” and alludes to its form – a dragon lying in the water. Sa Dragonera is uninhabited and only can be reached by boat. There is a well-developed hiking trail leading up to the highest point on the island, Na Pòpia, at 353 meters. The cliffs are interrupted by a number of secluded bays that are perfect for swimming and snorkeling in summer. Sa Dragonera’s only port is the natural port of Cala Lladó.



Magaluf in Mallorca’s southwest corner is well known to English tourists and offers an ample array of entertainment activities – from an artificial half-pipe for surfers to a restaurant turned upside down. Magaluf is the place to come if you are looking for diversion and fun. Then there is the 1.5-kilometer beach with fine sand, one of the longest in the community of Calvia.



The village of Peguera in the southwest of Mallorca is well known beyond the borders of the island. It is mainly sun-loving visitors from Germany who come here by the hundreds. Peguera has three beaches, all of them heavily frequented in summer. This is why sand is added every year to prepare the beaches for the many visitors. The water is shallow and perfect for families with small children. Peguera offers everything you would expect of a typical spa in the Mediterranean. The main site for sauntering is the Bulevar de Peguera with its many shops, souvenir stores and restaurants that are especially attractive in the evening hours.



Portals Vells is well known to most Mallorca vacationers – crystal-clear water and beaches with hourglass sand come to mind. The bay of Portals Vells is made up of the beaches of Platja de Portals Vells, Platja del Mago and Platja del Rei, all of which are among the best on the island. Surrounded by vast pine forests and difficult to access by land, these jewels have special appeal to visitors. The highlight of Portals Vells is the restaurant on the beach. Come here to enjoy your dinner at sunset, and we promise you will not forget your holiday on Mallorca any time soon.



Puerto Andratx is built around a natural harbor in the southwest of Mallorca. With its 3,000 inhabitants, the modern port and former fishing village is one of the main tourist attractions on the island thanks to its huge variety of water sports activities. This is where many diving and sailing schools as well as boat rental companies are headquartered. Puerto Andratx also is a meeting point for the rich and famous. Here you will see celebrities from around the world in the popular bars and restaurants.

In addition, Puerto Andratx is the home of one of the island’s most important marinas – the Club la Vela – which accommodates more than 500 boats. Despite all the modernization, Puerto Andratx has kept the flair of the former fishing port. When the boats return with their fresh catches, you can stroll over to the fish market and see for yourself. If you prefer a lavish day of shopping, Puerto Andratx is home to more than enough exclusive boutiques offering the finest garments and accessories. To round out your day, have a drink on one of the terraces directly on the oceanfront and watch the sunset.



Even though driving along the windy road from S’Arraco to Sant Elmo is somewhat cumbersome, it pays off once you reach the top. Following the cliffs along the way, the road opens to the small bay of Sant Elm. The fishing village lies off the beaten track on the westernmost tip of the island. With its 180-meter sandy beach and crystal-clear water, Sant Elm is a highlight for swimmers. If you take the boat from Puerto Andratx, you can reach Sant Elm in a few minutes and have a magnificent view of the hamlet and the steep Tramuntana mountain range in the background. Sant Elms’ promenade is lined with restaurants where you can spoil your palate with typical Mallorcan food while enjoying the splendid ocean view.



Surrounded by lush pine forests and within walking distance of the famous Three Finger Bay lies the village of Sol de Mallorca with some 580 inhabitants. Sol de Mallorca belongs to the community of Calvia, one of the most affluent in all of Spain. Solitary bays, untouched pine groves and beaches with sparkling white sand – there are many spots for awesome vistas of the ocean and the nearby Tramuntana mountain range. Portals Nous, Santa Ponsa and Palma de Mallorca are only a few minutes away by car and leave nothing to be desired in terms of diversion and entertainment. If you golf, try the courses at Golf Santa Ponsa I, Golf Santa Ponsa II, Golf Santa Ponsa III, Real Golf de Bendinat and Club de Golf de Poniente in the direct environs of Sol de Mallorca. Water sports aficionados will get their money’s worth in the marinas of adjacent Puerto Portals, Portals Vells, Palma Nova, Portals Nous and Port Adriano.

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