Yachting in Croatia

Split, Croatia Along the Coast

Escape the rush of your everyday life and relax enjoying the beauty of Croatia

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You are probably wondering what this means. To outline briefly: an environmentally-friendly holiday resort. So, if you are tense and want to run away from hustles and bustles of everyday life, you shouldn't hesitate, just make the right choice: Croatia offers peace and quiet, leisure and relaxation. Come to the Adriatic coast just once and something will keep calling you to return. It's a region of exceptional scenic beauty, with a delightful sunny climate, which offers wonderful bathing, abundant greenery, charming old towns and quiet villages, art treasures and historical monuments. In one word, it ranks among the most attractive parts of the Mediterranean. The vivid contrast of colors - the green trees, sparkling white rock and the deep blue sea will fill your soul with, a sense of peace. When you come back to everyday routines, you'll feel that your batteries have been recharched.

The cuisine is unique with the aroma of home spices and natural herbs. Local vineyards produce wine from harvested grapes. The process of wine making is great part of the local charm. The different types of music are available at different club and public events, or you can just sit in the moonlight and enjoy the scent of the sea. Every town offers symbolic reminders of the centuries oh history that has passed through the streets, squares and palaces.

We hope you don't have any dilemma, because you have already chosen your destination.


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Relax, eat and swim in Croatia
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