Full day private excursion

Turks & Caicos Island Hopping

Turks & Caicos adventure is fully customizable to your needs

How does a full day on the water, cruising the Caicos cays and exploring the most beautiful beaches in the Turks & Caicos sound? Book a full day excursion with us and take your time swimming, snorkeling, cruising, island hopping—you name it. On a full-day charter, we have time to visit multiple snorkel spots, a shipwreck, two islands, and we can take you as far as North Caicos. Relax or explore, the choice is yours.

Fort George (sand dollar Island)

 Search for sand dollars on the stunning Fort George Cay, where you’ll also find three cannons submerged underwater from the island’s days as a fort in the late 1700s. This beautiful small island that is squeezed between two island has created a long sandbar on the edge of the island. This place seems to collect sand dollars that no other island does. This great national park island is also great to go explore for the small treasure you may find along the shore line from the old fort.

Delis Cay (abandon hotel)  

Explore the abandoned hotel on Dellis Cay, This hotel has been sitting for 10 years on this island. Dellis Cay is known for the hotel that was left and never brought back to life, but the island itself is one of our favorites. The beautiful island is home to some native birds, osprey, pelicans and lots of other small wild life. If you don’t like to explore abandoned hotels, but love to shell this island also is perfect. This is one of the only islands in the chain of Cays where you can find some of the most beautiful shells in Turks and Caicos.

Iguana island (half moon bay)  

Just a short boat ride away from the mainland of Providenciales is another world known as Little Water Cay where only the Turks & Caicos rock iguana roams. What makes this particular species of iguana so special? Our rock iguana is endemic to the Turks & Caicos, which means it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. A critically endangered species, the Turks & Caicos rock iguana used to exist throughout our islands, but today there are about 50,000 found only on a few small islands — and most of them are on Little Water Cay.

A trip to Little Water Cay (also known as Iguana Island due its special residents) and the connecting Half Moon Bay will not only introduce you to our famous lizards, but you can also experience the wild beauty of an island that boasts both an incredible beach and a natural lagoon on the backside of the bay — the best of both worlds. The lagoon acts as a nursery for juvenile marine life, and if you’re lucky, we may sneak a peek of some baby sharks, turtles and other sea life.

North Caicos on full day charter (first beach abandon hotel, Beautiful view) 

North Caicos is the Furthest island we will reach on our charter. This island is the next proper settlement along the Caicos Cays. Also there are not many people living on North Caicos. This island is much larger than Providenciales. This island is also filled with beautiful endless beaches. We normally will only get the first beach on North Caicos as it becomes very shallow in the water after 3 Marys Cays. Sandy point is an amazing coved beach which is always sheltered from the wind and waves. 

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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