Anegada—The Coral Island

Anegada, BVI Island Hopping

Northernmost of all the British Virgin Islands, Anegada is a 15 square mile island located approximately 14 miles north of Virgin Gorda.

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This small piece of remote paradise was named Anegada by the Spanish who first discovered it. The name literally translates into “drowned land” due to its low elevation. Unlike the rest of the BVI which is volcanic in origin, this large island is made up of coral and limestone. Years ago the island was off-limits to most charterers because of the dangerous 18 mile-long Horseshoe Reef surrounding the island which has claimed over 300 vessels.

More recently the small population of Anegada, which reside primarily in the village known as The Settlement, decided to offer mariners easier passage to the island by providing clear markers around two channels. Thanks to this, charterers now have the opportunity to include Anegada in their BVI itinerary.

So what’s so special about Anegada? LOBSTER certainly comes to mind! If sailing in November, Anegada's Lobster Festival is a culinary event you won’t want to miss.  There are many great restaurants on the island as well where visitors always see a lobster or two on every table….The Big Bamboo, Wonky Dog or Anegada Reef Hotel to name a few. Anegada is truly the Caribbean Capitol of Lobster!

If you are seeking beautiful white sandy beaches, Loblolly and Cow Wreck Beach are two of the popular beaches along Anegada’s shores. Tour Anegada by scooter to discover massive salt ponds with their mangroves, home to exotic wading birds such as the Blue Heron and Flamingos, or catch a glimpse of one of the large Anegada Iguanas which now re-inhabit the Island. “Mariners are surprised to find that Anegada sits a mere 28 feet above sea level at its highest point.”

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