Salt Island

Salt Island, BVI Island Hopping

Salt Island is a small deserted island—roughly a mile long by a mile wide—located in between Peter and Cooper islands just south of Tortola. 

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Salt Island is named for the two salt ponds located on the island which dried out to produce much-needed salt used to help cure foods in the days prior to refrigerators. If you’ve never explored a deserted island, this one is a fun one to explore. It is advisable to wear shoes however as the island is covered with sea glass.

Not only is there excellent snorkeling around Salt Island but there are also day moorings available at Lee Bay for charterers who prefer to dinghy over to the Wreck of the Rhone. Although considered a popular dive site, it is possible to snorkel this infamous sunken ship as the shallowest part is only about 20 feet below the waterline. Keep in mind that the seas are often extremely choppy in this area. For snorkelers, we’d recommend you approach this site in the afternoon so there is ample sunlight to see more of the ship. See if you can find the massive propeller visible from the surface. There are a few dive moorings at the Rhone although they do tend to fill up quickly.

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