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Sailing with our family can be a wonderful experience as long as we take care of our children’s particular needs

A sailor’s great pleasure may be the journey itself, but rarely it goes like this for our kids. Children easily can be bored, not playing or not finding something interesting to do. So if we want to enjoy sailing holidays with our loved ones, we have to pay extra attention to the destination one chooses, the route one follows, the quality time we spend during our journey and of course it’s good to have some landfall rewards for them which will make their holidays even more pleasant and exciting.

The Ionian Sea is an ideal destination for this case. The weather conditions are generally mild with soft winds and small waves making the journey easy and enjoyable for the kids. Also the distances between the several destinations can be relatively shorts so it helps our children not to be bored.

Starting our cruise from the port of Lefkas and following the suggestions of our skipper

We can visit a Water Park and a Playground near to the beach Kanali of Preveza: time for amusement and recreation!

Sail to the island group of Paxoi and enjoy hiking on the cliffs and explore the famous Blue Caves: setting in motion the children’s inquisitiveness!

Berth at the picturesque port of Fiskaro on the island of Cephalonia and admire the 18th century buildings of the village: a true time travel!

Visit the famous Homeric island of Ithaca. Our skipper can find the occasion to narrate to the kids the legendary life of Ulysses: learn the Greek mythology!

During the sailing trip it is important to keep our children active and involved. The skipper can make them part of the crew, letting them help navigate the yacht, help with anchoring or even steering the helm. Other activities that can make the trip more kids-friendly, especially when we are on anchor, are fishing, snorkeling, water toys and, after dinner, star gazing and learning the star constellations.

Sailing with children constitutes a particular approach to the sport, enriches the experience of the sailing holiday and gives strength and energy to the family bond.

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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