A day trip to St. Marteen

St Barthélemy Island Hopping

Do you wish to enjoy some lobster under a small hut, feet in the sand in Pinel Island, or spend a friendly moment in Orient Bay (St Marteen) ? In both cases, your captain will know where to take you. And why not end up the day in Tintamare island for snorkeling ?

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A day on one of our yachts will see you travel to St. Marteen for the day in style. Take in the scenery, enjoy the crystal clear water, go swimming, explore different islands and above all, enjoy drinks & food.

Full day on our Van Dutch 55': EUR 4'700 
Full day on our 65' Princess: EUR 5'130
Full day on our 69' Princess: EUR 6'040
Full day on our 100' Broward: EUR 11'330
Full day on our 74' Mocchi: EUR 8'245

From € 4'700

12 1 day
A full day trip to St. Marteen
Available with 5 yachts
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