Five Day Ultimate Cruise from Stavanger or Bergen

Stavanger, Norway Extra Specials

On this particular cruise, perfect for up to 6 people, we start from Stavanger or Bergen – the home of the fjords and the Vikings. Depending on where your journey starts, we take you to some of the most interesting places along the coast. From beautiful fishing villages out at sea, to historical Viking grounds, we give you a cruise you will never forget. You will have the option of sleeping aboard the boat, or at exclusive hotel suites along the way

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We take you to the amazing Lysefjord, where you will see the famous Pulpit Rock, and Kjerag. We also take you to Flørli – the worlds longest wooden staircase, with 4444 steps. We show you several other stunning places in the Lysefjord hidden from the crowds. We continue to Stjernarøy and a small family hotel at Ramsvig, where you will taste local delicacies at a restaurant placed in an idyllic setting. This used to be an old trading station. Røvær is our next stop, a hidden-away fishing village with a unique atmosphere. Rosendal is another beautiful stop on our itinerary, where you get close to one of the biggest glaciers in Norway. We also stop by Bekkjarvik an enjoy world class food on the way back to Stavanger or Bergen. All this, and so much more, will give you and your friends a journey you will never forget.

Day 1
The first day we take you to the spectacular Lysefjord, where you will see the famous Pulpit Rock, taste fresh water from waterfalls, and experience several other stunning locations. Among the sights we visit are Kjerag, the crown of the Lysefjord, a 1000 meters vertical wall, famous for its base jumpers and stunning views. We also take you to Flørli – the worlds longest wooden staircase, with 4444 steps. We stay onboard the yacht here the first night. We can also organize helicopter tours fro here, where you get to see the amazing Lysefjord from birds eye view.

Day 2
After we have indulged in spectacular views in the Lysefjord, we will continue the flat coastal communities among idyllic islands with history from the Viking era and before, where they serve some of the best seafood in the world. The name of the place we take you to is Stjernarøy, a small family hotel at Ramsvig, where you will taste local delicacies at a restaurant placed in an idyllic setting. Ramsvik is located on the idyllic «Church island/Kyrkøy”. It’s an old trading place where fishermen met farmers in the old days. One of the old buildings has been restored by a local family, and they are now running this nice little romantic and charming seaside hotel with great suites and excellent food.

Day 3
Next day we take you to Røvær, a unique fishing village where we will cruise through small islands with narrow gaps to find the protected community in perfect shelter of the winds and waves of the North Sea. The local restaurant is known for splendid seafood along with beautiful sunsets on the utter west coast of Norway. We also spend the night here, where you wake up to the sound of birds and calm waters.

Day 4
Rosendal Fjord Hotel, our next destination, is surrounded by tall snow-cowered mountains and incredible scenery. The hotel was originally built in 1887, and has been extensively refurbished, inspired by the local nature and the beautiful surroundings. Rosendal is the gateway to another stunning fjord – Hardangerfjorden, and were you can even visit one of the biggest glaciers in Norway, “Folgefonn”. We can even organize helicopter tours to see it from Birdseye view. Or do you want to go skiing on the glacier? We can arrange that as well.

There is also a historical rose garden, Baroniet, more than 300 years old – from the medieval times. We will take you there with an organized transport from the boat harbor, where you get to spend some time walking around here, before we take you back to the hotel to enjoy a delightful dinner.

Day 5
On our way to Bergen, our final destination, we make a stop at Bekkjarvik, a cute little town along the coast with a high-end restaurant – awarded for it´s food and masterful chef. It is ranked as one of the best restaurants in the Nordics. The chef who runs this kitchen is a world champion from the bocuse d’or Lyon in 2015. The buildings here have a rich history going back centuries, with lovely gardens and interior that will take you back to a different time.

Our final destination is Bergen, a modern cities, rich in culture, with plenty of activities, great food and inviting people. In Bergen you will be have plenty of possibilities to explore further, and see other wonderful things.

The price for this 5 day cruise is upon request and will depend on the season and availabilty. Please enquire and we'll make sure to get back to you with an accurate offer shortly. Thank you.

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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