Saint Brandon Expedition

St. Brandon, Mauritius Around the Island

Saint-Brandon is a nature reserve that has been opened for a very limited number of happy visitors since 2017. Saint-Brandon is located 500 km north of Mauritius, which means that it remains isolated from all forms of mass tourism and the journey itself is an adventure.

Saint Brandon offers a huge amount of opportunities for a wide range of fishing experiences. Anglers coming to Saint Brandon will get maximum action and bent rods!!! Kitesurfing in Saint Brandon is not for the faint-hearted. Last but not least, Saint Brandon is home to many best diving spots worldwide.

Access to Saint Brandon is still very limited and only 200 permits are issued per year to foreigners who want to visit this archipelago, which is located 275 Nautical miles in the North East of Mauritius. Join us on one of our expeditions and we will make sure that this will be a lifetime experience.

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Day 1:

Check-in La Balise marina in Rivière Noire. Departure in the afternoon, dinner on board.

Day 2:

Sail throughout the day heading to Cargados Carajos Shoals. Breakfast lunch and diner will be served on board.

Day 3:

Arrival at "Ile du sud" early in the morning. Once at free anchor, guests can enjoy breakfast at this stunning scenery. Later you are free either to relax or sleep after the long journey or get off board to stretch your legs on “Ile du sud” or “Petit Capitaine”. 

Throughout the stay in Saint Brandon we use fibreglass boats to go fishing and explore the archipelago. Highlights here are the drift snorkelling in the turquoise warm water between "Ile du Sud island" and "Petit Captaine island", where eagle rays and sharks can be seen. Night and dinner at free anchor.

Day 4:

Wake up early and go “hunt” crayfish at the reef. This activity at low tide can take a few hours. Who wants to do snorkelling or fishing can do that before lunch. Departure in the afternoon to the next anchorage near coco island. A drop off on the beach will allow you to discover one of the most beautiful beaches in Saint Brandon which stretches few kilometres along. This beaches is a turtle nesting ground where fresh tracks can be seen. Night and dinner at free anchor.

Day 5:

After breakfast we change the location of anchorage. Once at anchor on “Chaloupe island”, guests can go off board and enjoy this larger white sand beach. Lunch will either be served on board or the crew can prepare a 56pick nic and take the guests to discover the other side of “Coco Island”. Night and dinner at free anchor.

Day 6:

Departure towards “Tec Tec Island”. From there you can visit “Ile Paul’ and continue exploring the archipelago or go fishing or kite surf in the lagoon. For the fishing cruises we will come straight to the north of the archipelago and spend 2 nights at free anchor near “Avocaire” and 3 nights near “Tortue Island”. 

Day 7: 

At the next day we explore the island “Avocaire” or you can fish or kite throughout the day. 

Day 8:

After breakfast, we will set sail and return to “Ile du sud” to return the fibreglass boat. This will be your last moments to enjoy the archipelago before departing from Saint Brandon in the afternoon at around 4 pm and sail back to Mauritius.

Day 9:

Cruising throughout the day heading Mauritius. Breakfast, lunch and diner will be served on board.

Day 10:

Arrival and disembarkation in Mauritius. (Cruising is weather dependant we do not recommend to book a flight back home on this day)

*Please note that local taxes and fees for the Saint Brandon nature reserve boat are included in this price, but the fees may change considerably. Please enquire for further details. 

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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