Have it all: Boat, Bar, Sunset, Party!

Extra Specials

There is no summer without an exclusive visit to Sunset Bar in the bay of Lucerne.

Enjoy a sporty ride with a bottle of Rosé from Buochs to the legendary Sunset Bar in the bay of Lucerne. Why legendary?

This outdoor location features several bar-huts and a BBQ grill in a small boat house. The ambience is stylish and a little bit posh, and the drinks (especially the brazilian ones) are worth the visit. We arrive in style by boat, with many people watching our appearance:-)

The bar is only 10m from the berth, and the sun will set right in front of the bar and boats. There's even a lake access from the bar, but who needs that if you arrive with a boat that has a big bathing plattform ;-)

The ride back to the home harbour will be in darkness, which is another great experience on Lake Lucerne. A pitch black experience.


From € 799

7 1 Day
Spend a great day on a yacht in Switzerland
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