4 Hour Tour Dubai

Dubai International Marine Club, Dubai, UAE City & Landmarks

This tour will allow you to see the Palm Jumeirah and The World Island. Stop to swim at the Hamdan Island.

Why not increase your time spent cruising in the Persian Gulf? Choose this fantastic 4 hour tour to discover not only the Palm Jumeirah, but also the World Island. They are both located on Dubai's coast line and can be easily reachable by sea. Plus, seeing them from the sea will give you an unique view that you will remember for ever.

The Palm Jumeirah is the fantastic artificial archipelago with the shape of a Palm. Cruising around the island guests will be able to admire the beauty and luxury of the villas and hotels that can be found within the archipelago. The exclusive location is a must-see attraction of the region.

After this first location, the tour will take you to the fantastic World Islands. This place too is can be found on the coast line, about 4 km from the coast, and it is an archipelago of artificial islands that were constructed in the shape of the world. This place is really alive, as constructions are enabling more and more islands to have commercial purposes. Don't miss out on one of the places with the most potential in the whole of Dubai.

From € 2'625

20 4 Hours
Palm Jumeirah - The World Island - Hamdan Island
Available with 2 yachts
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