Information about COVID-19

The world is currently going through the COVID-19 pandemic. A considerable amount of people are at present under a lockdown or in self-isolation with everyone being regularly reminded about social distancing and hygiene rules. At Boataffair, we are here to help our yacht charter community and we are in the position to offer you travel advice and information about the corona virus.

All of our yacht providers around the globe offer updated re-booking policies. Together with our partners in over 60 countries, we can offer updates and information about the respective, local situation.

A message from our CEO, Adrian Walker:

'Now's not the time to criticize or to complain. It's the time to come together and support each other. This virus doesn't know the concept of nations or nationality. A reminder that we are one people, we're all human.

We're in the travel space and as such we are very much affected by the global developments. Our top priority at Boataffair is to have everyone safe. We have team members, friends and partners across the globe - from Italy, Brazil, the US to Asia & many more. We talk everyday to each other, we over communicate on purpose to instill a sense of calm. We are here for each other. They're there for us.

For our clients we offer various re-booking schemes together with our partners on all continents. We tap into local country knowledge and updates and we offer bespoke travel advice. Get in touch via and we are here for advice and travel support.'

See Adrian’s full message on his LinkedIn profile

Restrictions on travel

At the moment, most countries have imposed a travel ban, policies are changing fast and daily.

Please keep in mind that many airlines have reduced their services and routes that normally would take you to your dream destination may not be operating. Furthermore, in a myriad of countries service providers in the travel industry had to stop their services such as hotels, restaurants, bars or cafes.

If you consider travel, a yacht charter or a yacht vacation, please inform yourselves about the current cancellation policies. Get in touch with the Boataffair customer support team at

For your convenience, the IATA discloses a country-by-country list of travel restrictions regarding COVID-19.

Travel inspiration

We all love to travel. Spending time with your friends and family aboard one of our yachts (superyacht, motor yacht, catamaran or sailing yacht) is one of the most mindful activities in the travel space.

But for now, the best thing to do for ourselves and the planet is to stay at home and let the world heal. There are so many things we can focus on, things we didn't find the time for before. Focus on those things, be with your family, take up that hobby and enjoy being out of the rat race for a time. Be still, in the moment.

If you are looking for travel inspiration for our yacht experiences, you can travel through pictures - thousands of beautiful pictures, adventures, yachts, and itineraries can be found here

From a romantic getaway, a yacht holiday around the Saronic Gulf of Greece to team building events, we create memories that last a lifetime.

Advice for the public: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Health and safety take top priority. We want to show you the official guidelines and measures of the World Health Organization (WHO) to help slow the spread of COVID-19. These guidelines include


WHO website  
Full information and source on the WHO website  
Current situation on COVID-19 developments in numbers. Based on figures provided by John Hopkins University.
covid19 world map  
Source (Johns Hopkins University)