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We welcome you on our quality yachts in Montenegro and Croatia! Rent, training bareboat skippers and improving the skills of yacht captains. Registration of yachts for a flag, repair, maintenance, preparation for regattas; accompanying the purchase and sale of the vessel; annual and seasonal yacht parking in Montenegro and Croatia; the program of joint acquisition of new yachts: We are at your service!

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Herceg Novi & Tunnels

Herceg Novi is the biggest, sunniest and youngest city in the Bay of Kotor. With the first two statements you cannot argue, but the city's youth is very, very relative. Herceg Novi was founded in 1382 by the Bosnian Duke Tvrtko the First. In the distant fourteenth century, the nearby cities Kotor and Dubrovnik were already considered old residents; therefore, a new fortress in the Bay of Kotor was named Castel Nuovo - the New Fortress.

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Perast, Bay of Kotor

The tiny medieval town of Perast is like a pretty decoration, built to decorate the Bay of Kotor and for the meetings of seafarers.

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Petrovac on the sea

Petrovac is a modern resort town of the Budva Riviera, crowded in the summer months by tourists. You can see several large hotels, an infinite number of apartments and a lot of the sale announcements of apartments in Russian.

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Islands opposite Tivat

Monks-Jesuits, Orthodox priests and situated among them nude tourist nature. Agree, there is little where you can find such a neighborhood, but everything is possible in the Bay of Kotor.

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Ulcinj & Velika Plaža

The southernmost city of the Montenegrin coast, right up to the Boyana River, along which the border with Albania runs, is within easy reach

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Muo – Our base in Montenegro

It is the small fishing village, located at the bottom of mountains on the western shore of the Bay of Kotor, 3 kilometers from the Tourist Center of Montenegro – Kotor.

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Gospa od Škrpjela in front of Perast

Going to a long sea campaign, trade or military, people want to enlist the support of the heavenly patron. Maybe he will not forget, send Turkish and pirate ships to search for prey to other seas, take the storm and storms and return unharmed to the port. So the medieval sailors of the Bay of Kotor thought, throwing another stone in the sea in front of the city of Perast.

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Pržno - Montenegrin Italy

Pržno was a summer royal residence and now it is a peaceful romantic town. Pink sand, delicious restaurants, friendly people and sea breeze.

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Sveti Stefan - visit the luxury hotel of Montenegro

Solitude and peace, silence, disturbed only by the noise of the waves, the smell of pine needles in the salty air, warm stones under your feet and the boundless starry sky above your head is Sveti Stefan. Price per night reaches two and a half thousand euros, Sveti Stefan is the most luxurious hotel on the Montenegrin coast on a small stone island a couple of nautical miles from the city of Budva.

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Bigova fishing village

Bigova is a small fishing village in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea, part of the Kotor Municipality (about 13 km to Kotor). There are 114 people officially living in Bigova.

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And in fact, Budva is a small resort town on the Adriatic coast. But it so happened that it is the Budva Riviera - the resort suburb of Budva - in the months of the season, the summer months is flood by hundreds of thousands of tourists. The largest hotels and the most crowded beaches of the entire coast are situated in Budva.

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Tivat and Porto Montenegro

Tivat is a small pretty resort town on the Adriatic Sea. Classics of the genre. In winter it is tiring, rainy and empty, the coast is flooded with rain. The rainy season - it just sounds beautiful. But in the summer - multi-colored beach umbrellas, a promenade under palm trees on the city embankment, a search for mojito - barmen ended mint. And yachts, yachts, yachts ... Snow-white beauties under sails and motors. Actually, thanks to the yachts Tivat and is becoming more popular every year.

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The city of Kotor is a reserved aristocrat among other medieval towns of the Adriatic coast. By the way, it was Kotor who presented his proud name to the entire Kotor Bay - the deepest, most beautiful and rainy bay of the Adriatic Sea.