Interview with Katharine Pooley - prominent luxury interior designer from London

22.10.2018 Natalya Walker

In today’s blog, we speak to one of the most lauded luxury interior designers in London, Katharine Pooley about her love of travelling and what to consider when designing the interior of your boat.


The creative force behind the interior design studio that bears her name, Katharine Pooley’s chic, contemporary designs are popular across the globe. Based in Chelsea and with a luxury home accessories boutique in Knightsbridge, Pooley is known for her beautiful projects that capture the spirit of their owners in a timeless fashion.


Hello Katharine, thank you for joining us. Tell us, what does travel mean to you?


From an early age, I have always been fortunate to travel both for leisure and professionally. I always look forward to travelling on business or with my family as it gives me the opportunity to experience new cultures and serves as inspiration for my work. I enjoy the feeling of waking up in a new land, the promise that the day brings and the excitement of experiencing something new. I have been to over 150 countries, my passport is rather worn as you can imagine, and that excitement that I have felt from a young age has only grown over time.


What advice can you give on choosing the colour schemes and touches for a yacht or boat?


A yacht or boat is truly an extension of the owner and dressing and decorating the interior is a way to channel the personality, tastes and lifestyle of them. With space being at a premium and the floor plans being rather fixed it is an excellent opportunity to decorate with accessories and objects. Depending on the area, and tastes of the client, of course, a nautical theme can certainly be had. Think of tasteful blues, calming creams and neutral tones interspersed with shells, coral sculptures and metallic tones. The bedrooms and communal areas are the perfect spaces to apply these sort of touches where comfort and homeliness are key for both guests and the owners.


What is your must-have travel item?


My must-have travel item truly is my family. As I previously mentioned, the experience is what I strive to have in my travels and what better way to create a lifetime of memories and experiences than sharing your travels with your family? I can personally attest to the positive influence that travelling has had on myself and my career and enjoy giving that gift to my young family and sharing that with my husband.


What is your favourite destination?


I have many destinations that mean a lot to me both within the UK where I am based and further afield. Principally, my home in the countryside is one of my favourite places in the world as it allows me to relax, re-energise and spend time with my family. My favourite country to travel to is Singapore – I love the humidity and am inspired by the contrasts in architecture from the modern skyscrapers to the old colonial buildings. The island has a unique buzz but also the luxury of beautiful outdoor spaces like the expansive parks, the botanical gardens and the unrivalled zoo.


Have you been inspired by Katharine’s love of travel? Explore hundreds of carefully crafted authentic experiences and discover beautiful destinations in stunning yachts to charter in over 45 locations globally from our curated list of vessels across the World. Boataffair and all of the team would like to thank Katharine for taking the time to sit down with us and sharing her insights into her travels and work.

Interview with Katharine Pooley - prominent luxury interior designer from London
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