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Sm 400 dolphin with snorkeler 3
Amazing world...you should see and meet dolphins!

Cruise out onto the sparkling Red Sea, and drop anchor at the prime snorkeling spot....Enjoy ample time to waft through the crystal waters, past dazzling corals, exotic fish, and perhaps even dolphins and turtles.

Sm 400 red sea safari adventure 1
A Quad ride and Bedouins hospitality....

Enjoying an interesting day in the nearby desert of the Red Sea

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Breathtaking sunsets on Lake Lucerne!

Beware of sunsets on Lake Lucerne, they may be breathtaking. Join me to experience it.

Sm 400 img 6206
By boat only!

Lake Lucerne features a restaurant that is only accessible by boat. Imagine that!

Sm 400 picture1
Cruise along the Italian Riviera around the villages of Cinque Terre

The 5 picturesque fishermens villages of Cinque Terre are well-known all over the world. On this trip you can enjoy a comfortable 45 min cruise to each one:

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Moneglia e Riomaggiore.

Sm 400 naiada sailing 07 015
Enjoy Greece with Skipper & Guide Services

Having toured nearly all the Greek islands and coasts, with over 30 years of sailing experience, I (Constantinos as boat owner) will  sail and guide you through a proposed itinerary, tailor made to your group's desires. We shall moor in secluded bays and small ports, I will propose sites to visit, restaurants to dine and experiences to feel in every stop we make!

Sm 400 sunset bar luzern 29
Have it all: Boat, Bar, Sunset, Party!

There is no summer without an exclusive visit to Sunset Bar in the bay of Lucerne.

Sm 400 spinnaker
Learn how to sail - time to make that dream come true!

Sailing lessons for amateurs!

First time on board? Learn the basic tasks to master a sailing yacht, without additional charge from our professional skippers!

Sm 400 ramses 2 statue
Luxor - A visit should not be missed....

Luxor; the biggest open air museum, has the third of the monuments of the whole world.....Touch the oldest statues and walk in the biggest temples, built 7000 years ago. Add this unforgetabble experience to your adventure on the boat on the Red Sea! 

Sm 400 10
One day Island Cruise

Enjoy a day out cruising around the islands of Crete, swim in crystal clear turquoise water, go snorkeling and enjoy great local food.

Sm 400 ps 01
Performance Sailing

Whether you are interested in refreshing the basics of sailing or delving deeper into the secrets of advance sailing … join us on a voyage with “Nexus”.  


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Romantic Getaway on a Sailing Yacht

Surprise your partner with a romantic getaway on one of our sailing yachts! With us, you can enjoy a captained tour during the sunset, after which the captain will leave the yacht. After the tour you can enjoy a lovely meal on board and you can spend the night on board. Just the two of you!

Sm 400 s y 04
Sailing and Yoga...Yes that's right!

Join “Nexus” on an excursion to the antiquities around the Saronic Bay  and combine your visit to these world famous archeological sites with full Yoga/ AcroYoga/ Thai massage sessions, guided by certified instructors. 

Sm 400 dover 970349  340
Sailing Cruise along the Southern Coast of Britain

We take you for an unforgettable cruise along the Southern British coast for 5 to 7 days, starting in Nieuwpoort. Taking into account your sailing experience you can take the sailing yacht out yourself or we can provide an experienced skipper.

Sm 400 77
Sailing Cruise around the Channel Islands

Enjoy a sailing trip around the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and Sark.

Sm 400 ponza 2286766 960 720
Sailing Cruise around the Pontine Islands, Italy

We propose our favourite sailing route to you around the Pontine Islands. They are only a few miles from the Italian Lazio coast, the archipelago of the Pontine Islands. The nature and the sea are still very much intact and untouched, despite the easy accessibility (36 miles from Nettuno and 21 miles from San Felice Circeo).

Sm 400 888
Sailing Cruise to London on the Thames

We recommend you to start from Nieuwpoort for a sailingtrip of 7 to 9 days. It is a challenge to sail just up to the Tower Bridge! To get familiar with the boat, make a short trip the first day. You can sail to Dunkerque. Then cross the Channel to Ramsgate.

Sm 400 playas
Sailing Excursion to the Cies Islands in Galicia

Discover the Cies Islands in Galicia (a National Park) on one of our yachts! We will cruise around the beautiful islands and we will take you to a stunning sandy beach you can only access by boat on the South Island.

Sm 400 isle of wight 718754  340
Sailing Trip to the Isle of Wight

Start a wonderful sailing trip of 7 to 9 days to the Isle of Wight from Nieuwpoort.

Sm 400 1
Sunset Cruise Crete

Pamper yourself with a unique experience to dive into the crystal clear waters of the bay of St. George, enjoy the majestic sunset on the sea, taste local Cretan wine, take unforgettable pictures on the upper deck overlooking the sea during sunset.

Sm 400 img 4081
Visit a deserted beach and experience a local harbour restaurant by boat

Start off by speeding along the coast of the French Riviera, going slow or fast to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We can take you to a remote and private beach where you can swim, walk in the warm sand or even collect shells. You can swim off the boat, ride the waves and explore small and picturesque harbours. You can step off the boat in one of the marinas to enjoy a scrumptious lunch, whilst enjoying the stunning view of the sea, sailing boats and yachts over a glass of famous French Rosé.