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We create your bespoke luxury yacht experience with the highest standard of care.

For our clients every journey is personal. Together with our yacht partners and experienced crew we design uncompromised experiences. Unforgettable expeditions, health retreats, island hopping in the most unspoiled destinations, celebrating special occasions, team building events or a family adventure. We bring curated and bespoke yacht charter experiences and events in over 60 countries. Safe, private and extraordinary.
Athens, Greece

Sail and Dive in the Aegean Sea

Enjoy your sailing trip and dive in the heart of the Aegean Sea!
10 7 Days
Mykonos, Greece

VIP Island Transfer from Mykonos

We offer you a VIP transfer from Island to Island from our Mykonos base.  
1 Day
Mykonos, Greece

Sunset Cruise in Mykonos

Join us on a private sunset cruise with our beautiful and modern yacht in Mykonos.
1 Day
Mykonos, Greece

Private Wellness massage on the beach

Explore the fascinating Mykonos island combining the newest world luxury trend of...
1 day
Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Apollos Wellness Massage

Discover Mykonos treasures combining massage and wellness with this 5h private yachting...
10 1 day
Lisbon, Portugal

Sail and enjoy wine in Lisbon aboard a yacht

Combine wine tasting with a sailing experience on the Tagus for a fantastic leisurely...
1 Day
Puerto Colon, Adeje, Tenerifa

Watch the Whales and Dolphins with us!

Let us take you out to the sea in the South of Tenerife to watch whales or dolphins,...
1 day
Canary Islands

Discover the secrets of island hopping in the Canaries

 The very definition of Explorer is; “A person who explores a new or unfamiliar area”
8 7 days
Port of Torgir, Croatia

Explore stunning National Parks in Croatia

Croatia has eight national parks and 11 nature parks. Some of these parks are only...
7 Days


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