Combining yacht charter with villa and hotel stays for luxury Island travel

27.09.2019 Natalya Walker

LIT & Boataffair: travel design you want to try for your next holiday

Recently we announced a partnership with boutique travel agency Luxury Island Trips by Exotiktraveler. Now we can offer our clients even more luxury experiences on land and on water.


What is particularly exciting for us is that both companies have a great synergy when it comes to the bespoke level of service, high personalisation and shared vision of travel as an experience, not a commodity. As well as the fact that you do not need to be a billionaire or an A-List celebrity to enjoy the finest travel.

Luxury Island Trips by Exotiktraveler is one of a kind travel agency for those interested in luxury and exotic island travel. Exotiktraveler expertise in premium travel design and one-of-a-kind luxury island getaways worldwide along together with Boataffair’s bespoke and authentic yachting experiences enable both companies to offer an entirely different trip to our clients.


Highly personalised and not to be found anywhere else.


When it comes to designing bespoke premium trips with a difference, local in-depth knowledge is a must. Our yacht owners globally enable us to design itineraries that encompass the hidden gems of sailing areas, things only locals would know and see. Something normally not available to the tourists. Exotiktraveler offers the same when it comes to villas and hotels around the world. The company’s founder Carmen Caballero has personally visited, selected and tested many products. Another thing in common between us – all yachts on Boataffair are vetted and hand-picked by us.


So, as a client how can you get a bespoke holiday created for you by LIT?


You can start by getting inspired by all the beautiful destinations. Travel to the Maldives during your Christmas holidays or island-hop in the Caribbean to escape European winter. After all, it is always summer somewhere! Let the LIT team know a few details. As a minimum we will need to understand the following:


  • Your preferred destination (Or do you want us to inspire you?)
  • Your dates
  • How many guests are you
  • What do you like to do? For example, are you adults only looking for some romance & relaxation or you are a family with kids, who need to be entertained? Are you foodies with an exotic taste or adrenaline junkies? The more we know, the more elements we can include to cater for your personal likes. The more we can surprise you with.


What many clients already enjoy is a combination holiday, when you spend a part of it in a villa or a hotel suite and another part you spend aboard a yacht. Island hopping lends itself beautifully to those itinerary types. Here is one example of the recent trip we have created for our clients - 2 families with older kids. Total 8 guests for 14 days trip the Caribbean in December. 


Clients land in Martinique and spend 5 nights at a villa after which they embark on a stunning and spacious catamaran and sailed to St Lucia from Martinique.


Fully crewed catamaran charter in Martinique to St Lucia will mean that you have your very own private hotel, just on the water. The 8 day and 7-night cruise will allow you to truly disconnect from the outside world, indulge and have an adventure.


Dine al fresco on board, enjoy stunning sunsets while enjoying a glass of chilled champagne and dive into the crystal-clear waters for an invigorating swim. Visit beautiful hidden coves, national parks, ancient pirate hidden spots (legend has it!) and famous Diamond Rock. As with all these boating holidays, the itinerary can be further customised to your personal taste. You dock back in Martinique and get your chauffeured service to the airport to catch your flight back home.


Additionally, LIT by Exotiktraveler is an Amex associated travel agency allowing you to collect points as you travel and pay with points for parts of your trip!


We want you to enjoy a white-glove service from the moment you leave your house and start your trip until the moment you come back. Time is the most precious commodity we all have – your holiday time needs to be a memorable and beautiful experience all around.


To get your personalised quote and dreamy experience without any obligation, contact us on or today.


Winter sun, anyone?



Combining yacht charter with villa and hotel stays for luxury Island travel
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