Why a Yacht Holiday is Better

01.07.2020 Fiona Mokry

With sails unfurled, you uncover what’s waiting around every bend of coastline – a secluded cove, a secret swimming hole, a deserted sandy shore, a lively beach bar. You make the spontaneous decision to anchor for lunch or take a quick dip. Then you’re off again to find your next stop: destination unknown, but patiently awaiting your arrival.

If you’ve never splurged on a yacht holiday, this may sound like a fantasy. But in truth, this free-spirited lifestyle is easily adopted at sea. The independence and ability to change your course, switch up the plan, and create your own unique experience is what a yachting holiday is all about.

Considering your first vacation on the high seas? There’s no better time than now to book this type of experience. Here’s why:

1) Privacy

In a time when seclusion is highly valued, the best way to ensure privacy is by chartering your own boat. Sharing space with hundreds of strangers in a hotel or restaurant is exchanged for chic cabins and exclusive deck-side dining. Including who you want and controlling who you see along the way allows you to create a handmade holiday with a level of privacy that feels comfortable for you. Whether you’re hosting of party of friends or planning a romantic getaway, Boataffair puts you in the captain’s seat of your experience.

Why a Yacht Holiday is Better

2) The Freedom of Spontaneity

You call the shots when you’re aboard a superyacht charter. There’s no telling what you’ll find when you’re cruising the world’s coastlines. Cool off with a quick swim in a tucked-away bay or lounge all day on a newly discovered beach. Island-hop and try the region’s best cuisine on land or choose to stay aboard and enjoy private meals on your yacht as you soak up the never-ending ocean views. Everyday can be planned and changed and then planned again. It’s all about your style and the inspiration you find along the way.  


3) Access

Accessing shoreline attractions is a breeze with your own boat. If you were staying on land, you’d have to book a trip with a tour boat and adjust your itinerary to fit their schedule. Then you’d be herded off to an otherwise gorgeous spot with 100 other tourists, which – in my opinion – spoils much of what makes a natural attraction so appealing in the first place.

When you have your own means of water transportation, you can arrive early, beat the crowds, and see the most sought-after sights in a pristine state.

4) Personalized Trip

Boataffair caters to every preference and taste. With a private, on-board chef, the quality of food is never compromised. Gourmet meals are planned in advanced with your input and prepared fresh whenever you want. Take as much or as little control as you want; if you’re up for a foodie adventure, let Boataffair’s highly trained experts take over.

The personalized touches don’t stop with the food; that’s just the beginning. Each day is organized according to your cultural inclinations. Into history? Your hand-crafted itinerary will include stops at ancient forts, significant monuments, and medieval castles. Prefer to get lost in the landscape? Your captain knows where Mother Nature puts on the best displays.  


5) Fun

A yacht holiday isn’t your typical getaway, which makes it all the more special. Fully booked hotels, crowded restaurants, busy sidewalks, and jammed tourist attractions are things of the past, left behind for the bliss of the open ocean and the endless possibilities that come with it. The security of knowledgeable staff means you can let loose, embrace the excitement of the unknown, and - best of all – sit back and enjoy the ride.  

Gear up for the trip of a lifetime with Boataffair. Check out their fleet of luxury yachts in over 60 countries, ready and waiting to make your future holiday dreams a reality.

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