Exploring Bora Bora by Catamaran

02.12.2020 Fiona Mokry

Exploring Bora Bora by catamaran feels like a true privilege. As the crown jewel of French Polynesia, Bora Bora just might be the most idyllic place on earth. 

The tiny Utopian island enchants with stilted bungalows, clear turquoise lagoons, and pristine scenery. Engulfed by lush greenery and guarded by two extinct volcanoes,

At Boataffair, we believe that chartering a catamaran in French Polynesia is one of the most exclusive travel experiences you can have. It allows for breathtaking photo opportunities, rare encounters with marine life, access to never-ending white sand beaches, and romantic dining on the deck of your private vessel.

Boataffair gives visitors a chance to immerse in Bora Bora’s paradisal presence with a number of yacht and catamaran charters. Aimed at providing extraordinary service in the lap of luxury, exploring Bora Bora by catamaran is easily categorized as a trip of a lifetime.

Visit Boataffair’s French Polynesian yacht charter page for a complete list of available Bora Bora yacht charters.

Read on to discover how Boataffair can help transform a Bora Bora dream charter into a reality.

Bora Bora yacht charters from the island of Raiatea

Despite the island’s popularity with honeymooners and romance-seeking couples, those looking for a Bora Bora yacht charter will still find a generous selection of vessels.

Many catamaran charters that cruise around Bora Bora actually dock in Raiatea, a larger island off the southeast coast of Bora Bora. Raiatea shares a lagoon with a third island, Taha’a, creating a picturesque playground for boaters stacked with gorgeous scenery and opportunities for nautical activities.

The skippers at the helm of every charter enhance the experience by expertly weaving between craggily emerald cliff sides to discover picturesque lagoons and pinpoint the best diving and snorkelling locales in French Polynesia.

How to Charter a Yacht to Bora Bora

Boataffair’s fleet of luxury catamarans in French Polynesia is second to none. Offering a number of Raiatea yacht charters, Boataffair has a beauty ready to fit your needs and desires.  

If you’re looking for a luxurious yacht charter to explore Bora Bora and the surrounding islands, look no further than this 3-year old Lagoon 560 is the creme de la creme, with an innovative open floor-plan, spacious cabins, and all the onboard gear and entertainment you might want. 

For a cozier experience, Boataffair provides a number of options for those who don’t need as much space. The Fountaine Pajot Mahe 36 boasts impressive space for a vessel of its size with a roomy cockpit and bathroom. The living area is designed with the utmost efficiency, making it a top choice for many boaters. 

If having plenty of space to mingle and lounge about are top priorities, Boataffair has a collection of exquisite catamarans ready to cater to your socializing needs. For example the Fountaine Pajot Sanya 57 is designed to encourage gathering and revelry, while also offering plenty of private space when a moment of solitude is needed. The generous offering of sport and water equipment ensures passengers have access to hours of water-centric entertainment.

Visit Boataffair’s French Polynesian yacht charter page for a complete list of available Bora Bora yacht charters.

Experience Bora Bora

Whether it’s on or under the water’s surface, the surrounding ocean is French Polynesia’s most stunning feature. A Bora Bora catamaran charter is the best way to capitalize on the region’s beauty. 

One popular way to experience Bora Bora is with a 4-day tour of its famous lagoon. The shallow pools encircling the island are lined with healthy coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. It’s here where passengers can swim with hundreds of colorful fish and giant stingrays. Your skipper will treat you to sunset dinner cruises, and sail your yacht to a variety of different motus (small islet) within the lagoon to enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling, or scuba diving. 

Our Raiatea Bora Bora Cruise allows you to explore the best of French Polynesia in the shortest amount of time from a luxury catamaran. Starting from Apooiti Marina, the four-day excursion explores the motus around Raiatea and Taha’a before moving on to Bora Bora’s famous lagoon.

If you have the time to splurge, this One-Week Island Cruise hits the highlights of the Raiatea Bora Bora Cruise and incorporates a two day trip out to Huahine. With its dense tropical jungle coconut groves, and vanilla orchids, this lesser-visited island retains its Polynesia authenticity and is often referred to as the Garden of Eden.


The successful merge of exceptional service in a world-class location is sure to leave you feeling spellbound and spoiled. Whether you decide to spend a few days or a few weeks exploring French Polynesia and Bora Bora by catamaran, you’ll quickly learn that few things compare to this magnificent experience.  

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