How To Plan the Perfect Yacht Birthday Party

16.09.2021 Fiona Mokry

Celebrate your most stylish birthday yet with an unforgettable yacht birthday party. Read our tips on how to plan for hosting a birthday party on a yacht

Whether your ideal celebration includes a large group of friends, a family gathering, or a romantic day with your partner, a yacht birthday party ensures the day goes down as one of the best birthdays in history.

Boataffair can help you throw the perfect yacht birthday party - from the planning to the location - and will make sure your special day goes off without a hitch.

Can you rent a yacht for a birthday party?

You can rent a yacht for a birthday party. The combination of sumptuous luxury and a unique setting make for an unforgettable party experience! Boataffair offer half or full-day charters on a fleet of luxury superyachts in worldwide hotspots like the Greek Islands, party-hardy Miami, sun-soaked Marbella, and sophisticated Dubai.

Yacht birthday parties range from sophisticated to wild, and the tone of the party is entirely up to you. For example, if you're celebrating a 20-something’s big day, then champagne, birthday cake, music and water toys will be central to the celebrations. However if you’re looking for a more refined experience, perhaps for a 60th birthday party, then a gourmet meal experience aboard a superyacht could be just the ticket.

Choose from vessels like the Sunseeker 90 for a larger group. For a medium sized gathering, the spacious Azimut 43 Fly Motor Yacht is highly recommended. And what can beat the opulent Ferretti 92 Motor Yacht if you’re really looking to impress your guests.

How do you host a birthday party on a yacht?

There are many elements to consider if you are planning to host a birthday party on a yacht. Below is a list of things to consider when you’re playing host for someone else’s big day, or planning your own party:

  • Location
    Picking the right location for your party is key. What kind of scenery do you prefer? For example beaches, or a cityscape. Are water activities a priority? Is there a particular location that offers things to do beyond the yacht charter (an island to visit, a restaurant to dine in, etc.)?
  • Weather
    Optimal weather is a factor when considering the location. Weather varies depending on the season, so make sure you check your potential destination to make sure you’re not planning a trip during a stormy season! Or, if a little rain doesn’t bother you, opt for a vessel that has plenty of cabin/covered space for you and your guests.
  • Party Theme
    Do you want to let loose and throw the party of the year? Or is your event to be more of a sophisticated evening with fine dining? Parties come in many shapes and forms and Boataffair can cater to each end of the spectrum.
  • Food and drink
    Boataffair can arrange for a chef to cook your party a gourmet meal onboard or organize an evening on land at a 5-star restaurant. Onboard snacks, drinks, and alcohol can also be requested.
  • Planning Service
    Boataffair caters to whatever the occasion calls for—that can mean anything from balloons, decorations, food/drink, a live DJ, special music, dancing, and much more! We’re happy to accommodate specific requests to make the day extra special!

How many people can fit on a party yacht?

Most of our private yachts are designed to legally carry a maximum of 12 people. This is because a yacht which carries more than 12 people it is considered a 'Passenger ship' and must comply with extensive SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations.

Can you have more than 12 guests on a yacht?

At Boataffair, we do not typically rent out boats for more than 12 people. This is due to Boataffair’s focus on private, premier yachting.

We don't operate as a mass-market service; instead, we reserve our boats for boutique experiences for families, groups of friends, and couples. This is why most of our yachts are limited to 12 people or less.

Additionally, many of our motor yachts are designed to legally carry no more than 12 people, and often overnight stays allow for a maximum of 8-10 people.

You’ll want to keep in mind how many people can fit on a yacht before you start building your guest list. But don't worry, you can have wonderful birthday parties on our yachts with less than 12 people!

Please reach out to us if you have questions about your guest list and we will work with you to find a yacht option that best matches your party style. We do have some options that allow for big groups, but we specialize in and excel with parties of 12 or less as well.

Boataffair offers special occasion charter yachts across the globe and the location of the birthday cruise dictates how the experience plays out. If you have fond memories of a past trip to the Mediterranean, Boataffair offers dreamy day cruises with miles of stunning scenery in Greece, Croatia, Malta. If a party atmosphere is more your speed, book your big day in pulsing party destinations like Miami or Dubai. Looking for a more laid-back experience? Spain and London provide the elegance of a more subtle affair.  

Wherever and however you choose to celebrate, make your (or a loved one’s) next birthday one to remember with a charter yacht celebration


Check out our fleet of special occasion motor yachts in premier locations and start planning the party of the year with a yacht birthday celebration with Boataffair!

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