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10.06.2024 Fabian Graf

Formentera Ibiza | Things to do on the balearic island

There is so much to do and discover on the Balearic island. Below, we have compiled a list of what we consider to be the 5 best activities on Formentera Ibiza. 

Snorkelling & Diving

As mentioned earlier, the turquoise Caribbean-like waters of Formentera are so unique in Europe that it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999. Green seaweed along the cost of Formentera's beaches are responsible for this miracle. The underwater plant filters the seawater like a natural sewage treatment plant, resulting in crystal-clear water. Furthermore, the seaweed is home to over 1000 species of underwater animals like seahorses, the famous Formentera lobster and sea stars, making it a paradise for snorkelling and diving.

formentera ibiza snorkeling coast
Rocky coast on Formentera (Photo by Nacho Pintos, licensed)

Pro Tip: To snorkel and explore Formentera's underwater world before all other tourists arrive, rent out a yacht for your day trip from Ibiza and let you guide you by your local skipper to the best snorkeling places. That way, you are more flexible to explore secret bays and beaches that get missed by the masses. Is there something better than eating lunch or perhaps dinner in a hidden bay with your friends, to turn up the music and enjoy a glass of Champaign? In addition, you get to see Formentera out of a perspective nobody else can see who stays on the island — from the sea.

Visit Es Caló

la mola cliffs on formentera island
Cliffs of La Mola

Es Caló is a small village on the east coast of Formentera and is a must-visit spot in Formentera, especially for those interested in experiencing its rich fishing heritage and stunning natural beauty. Before heading to Es Caló, make sure to stop by the fascinating ruins of Can Blai, a Roman fortification with intriguing historical significance. Wander through the village to admire its quaint wooden boathouses, which protect the fishing boats from the salty sea air. Don't miss the chance to explore the nearby sandy coves of Ses Platgetes and the rugged cliffs of La Mola. The best way to experience the cliffs in the picture above is to charter a yacht and see Formentera from the perspective of the sea. 

You can also embark on the scenic Route 25, offering panoramic views of the island and leading to La Mola. This charming village boasts a harbour lined with cosy seafood restaurants serving up traditional dishes. With its blend of history, nature, and culinary delights, Es Caló promises a memorable experience for visitors to Formentera Ibiza.

Chill out on a beautiful beach in Formentera

Formentera boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean. Playa de Migjorn, the longest beach on the island at five kilometres, is perfect for leisurely walks along wooden walkways to discover your favourite cove. The iconic Blue Bar, once frequented by Bob Dylan, is also located here, making it a great spot for a sunset drink.

north beach formentera
Beach in the north of Formentera island

Other must-see beaches include the tranquil bay of Es Caló and the picturesque Cala Saona. For a truly famous beach experience, visit Playa de ses Illetes, renowned for its natural beauty. If you enjoy naturism, you'll find it widely accepted here, so don't be surprised by nude sunbathers. Another hidden gem is the cozy cove of Caló des Mort, ideal for a refreshing swim after a visit to Far de la Mola.

Charter a lurxury yacht in Formentera Ibiza

As previously mentionned a yacht charter can be the perfect thing when you want to explore the balearic island just with your loved ones / friends in a way nobody else does. Against the popular assumption that you actually need a yachting licence or previous experience, you can actually charter a motoryacht or catamaran with a skipper. This will also be the most convenient way to actually get to Formentera from Ibiza without any tourist crowds on a mass-ferry. In addition, you can discover beautiful, unspoilt and hard-to-access beaches and see beautiful coastlines that no other tourist visiting Formentera by land will ever experience. 

Lionel Messi catamaran charter in Formentera Ibiza

Charter a yacht for a trip to Formentera Ibiza

Furthermore, you don't have to worry how to get around Formentera, since you already can visit the most beautiful corners of Formentera by yacht - even the best restaurants are accessible from your yacht via tender. 


Sunset Spots

Formentera is a paradise for sunset lovers, with the sky turning beautiful shades of pink and rose. You can enjoy the sunset from the beach with beer and chips or at a beachside bar or restaurant. One popular spot is Piratabus, a quirky bar that used to be a bus, where even Bob Dylan is said to have played music as the sun set.

beach sunset on Formentera Ibiza

The sunset at Cala Saona bay is considered the most beautiful on the island. You can reach the sandy beach via a wooden walkway and enjoy a drink on the terrace of Hotel Cala Saona. For a more laid-back experience, follow the locals to Kiosko 62. If all the seats are taken, just relax in the sand with a mojito. For a more elegant evening, head to Es Moli de Sal or the private beach of Hotel La Savina for a romantic sunset experience. But of course, the perhaps most beautiful sunset you can enjoy is from a yacht together with your loved ones, with champaign and delicious food. If you are unsure about how to find the right yacht charter broker, you can read our article "10 Questions you should ask your yacht charter broker" to get more clarity. 

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