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Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

What is a luxury Motor Yacht and what occasions is it best suited for? 

A motor yacht is a yacht powered by an engine, of up to 80 feet (24 meters) in length. Motor yacht charter is very accessible and these yachts do not have the expensive price tag of a superyacht. Even though a motor yacht has a luxury feel about it, private yacht charter prices start at only a few hundred Euros per day.

A Motor Yacht is built and designed for comfort, pleasure, performance and speed. She is the ideal vessel for a romantic getaway or a marriage proposal. Guests will feel comfortable and pampered at all times. Larger motor yachts, 40 feet (12 meters) or larger, generally come with a master suite, VIP suites and on-board accommodation. These are ideal for sunset dinners, romantic cruises and private holidays for any kind of group of a family. A professional crew will look after you during the entire trip.

You can expect high speed, performance and true style. The comfortable and spacious living quarters makes us want to compare this type of yacht to a hotel suite that moves on the water!

They are great for a day charter too, where you want to get from A to B fast. Perfect for some swimming, relaxing, a restaurant visit for lunch, snorkelling and some island hopping. Or how about a day trip to see whales & dolphins with champagne on board? Check!

First time renting with Boataffair? Click here to find out how to charter a yacht in 3 easy steps.

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