Addu to Huvadhoo (7 Nights)

Maldives Snorkelling & Diving

Perfect trip for all diving enthusiasts, as you will see beautiful sea life and underwater scenarios

This trip is more for divers who are used to and love current dives and channel dives, it’s a mix of channel and out reef diving, We can see a wreck of world war 2 called British loyalty, Mantas, Tiger Sharks, Hammer Heads, Thresher Sharks, Whale Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tip Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Oceanic Black Tip Sharks, Guitar Sharks, Turtles, Eagle rays and a Good Fish Life.

The wreck of the WW2 ship makes this dive very unique and interesting. Plus, the diverse fishlife visible in the Maldives will make this dive unforgettable. During your cruise, you will stay in a fantastic luxury yacht where you will have the chance to relax on board, pampered by the professional cruise.

From € 7'189

10 7 Days
Sharks - WW2 Wreck - Mantas - And much more
Available with 6 yachts
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Yacht options

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Md 400 maldives boataffaor motor yacht charter 10
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Md 400 l38 1maldive
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