Komodo, Indonesia Snorkelling & Diving

We sail in the waters of the ‘coral triangle’, so expect to see a wide range of corals wherever you go. The boat always heads wherever the conditions are best for the skill level of divers on board.

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Discovery dives and guided diving are included within your charter and all the equipment you will need is on board. Our dive master is also great with beginners and offers full instruction and the boat will always take you to wherever the conditions are best of the skill level of the divers on board.

Dive briefings take place on comfortable benches at the rear of the boat after which your equipment will be  ready and waiting on the tender.  Guides will escort a maximum of four divers each and for larger diving parties we will provide additional guides.  When you emerge from the depths, you will welcomed back on board with a refreshing drink and the opportunity to rinse off using one of the two fresh water showers on the dive platform.

We also have a dedicated snorkelling guide.

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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