The Mitsio Archipelago

Mitsio Snorkelling & Diving

The archipelago is made up of 5 islands: the Great Mitsio, Nosy Lava, Nosy Ankarea, the four brothers and Nosy Tsara Banjina. 

Although the Mitsio are a diver's paradise, it should not be forgotten that the beauty of the islands and the magnificent beaches make this place to an perfect destination for non-divers.

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Mitsio is the perfect diving destination for all levels. The depth varies from 5-7 m (excellent for snorkelling) to 35 m, with an average of 15-25 m. You can admire all kinds of corals, such as the amazing giant gorgons, as well as a multitude of coral fish. There are many barracudas, jacks and other pelagic, not to mention mantas, leopard sharks and whale sharks....

Due to the strong winds in the area, this cruise is not offered from June to September.

Day 1 - Nosy Faly

Our crew welcomes our guests at 1 pm. Set sail and cruise to Mitsio for about 4h30. Arrival at Nosy Faly beach where we drop the anchor for the night. 

Day 2 - Marimbe

Departure for the first 2 dives and set sail to the big Mitsio to anchor in Marimbe. On the way you can admire the magical scenery that offers the balalt organs. Once at free anchor, the guests can get off the boat and visit the village Marimbe.

Day 3- Nosy Lava

Departure to the beaver bank for the first dive of the day, then we sail to the dive bank for the second dive. Departure to Nosy Lava which is the northernmost island of Mitsio. There you can relax and enjoy the beach / do snorkeling. We anchor for the night at this spot.

Day 4 -Ankarea

The first dive is on the tip of the island and then we sail to Ankarea bank for the second dive. At the small Ankarea Island we go down to the large white sand beach which is a fantastic snorkelling spot. We anchor and spend the night in the shelter of Marimbe.

Day 5 - Sakatia, Madirokely

Departure to Antsoa for 2 dives, then we sail to Nosy Be heading Sakatia or Madirokely depending on which spots were choosen for the next day.  

Day 6: Sail back

Departure in Nosy Be and head to the wrecks dive spot or to the Tanikely reserve. Return to Ambatoloaka after lunch, disembarkation around 3 pm.


Addional price information

- Number of guests included in the price: 4 guests. 

- Surcharge for 4 addional guests: EUR 270

- Compulsory full board per person & per day: EUR 132

- Dive: price per person & dive: EUR 30

From € 2'244

6 6 days
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