The Radama Archipelago

Nosy Valiha, Madagascar Snorkelling & Diving

The Radama archipelago consists of 4 islands: Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Ovy, Nosy Antany Mora and Nosy Valiha. This archipelago has an amazing tropical vegetation and beautiful beaches that are rarely visited. The few fishing villages are also nice to visit - Enjoy the hospitality of the locals and discover their way of life.

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All dive spots are on the Mozambique Channel, about 30 minutes from the islands. This are mainly drop offs with varios depths between 12 and 30 to 50 m. The spectacle is impressive and breathtaking, thanks to the giant gorgons, caves and crevasses.  Schools of tuna, barracudas and jacks, white tip sharks, hammerhead sharks, giant lochs.... Greg Wall can be seen very often: this area accessible from a depth of 12 m is one of the most striking sites in the Radama archipelago. It offers a vertiginous cave and drop-off up to 35 m, carpet of corals and populated by myriads of colourful fish.

Day 1 - Nosy Iranja

Check-in is at 1pm. Set sail to the archipelago of Radama for about 5h30. Arrival at Nosy Iranja where we anchor for the night. 

Day 2 - Antanimora

After breakfast we departure to the first dive spot on the western wall in Nody Iranja. You can choose the spot of the 2nd dive - eighter the south western wall in Nosy Iranja or Tambant Black. After a 3h we arrive in Antanimora, where you can visit the fishing village while our crew prepare dinner. 

Day 3 - Kalakajoro 

Departure to the Greg Wall, for the 3rd dive. You can choose the spot of the 4th dive - Hurricane Bank or the Nursery. Sail back to Kalakajoro for a swim and visit the fishermen's village.

Day 4 - Baramahamay

Departure from Kalakajoro for the 5th dive on the west wall of Kalakajoro and the 6th dive at the Napoleon's dive spot. Sailing to Baramahamay where we arrive in the afternoon, where you can visit the village and the school. 

Day 5 - Ankazoberavina

Departure for the 7th dive at the Rocks to Gabriel. Sailing to a beautiful beach where you can relax or visit the village and the lighthouse. Set sail to the Maratony bank for the 8th dive, then heading to the island of Ankazoberavina for a night dive. At night we return to the shelters in the Russian bay for the night at free anchor.

Day 6 - Return to the Marina

Early morning departure to the grand canyon for the 10th dive and / or the wrecks or Nosy Tanikely reserve for the last dive. Sail back to the marina. Disembarkation around 3 pm.


Addional price information

- Number of guests included in the price: 4 guests. 

- Surcharge for 4 addional guests: EUR 270

- Compulsory full board per person & per day: EUR 132

- Dive: price per person & dive: EUR 30






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