The Geyser Bank Expedition

Banc du Geyser Snorkelling & Diving

Geyser is a reef located 110 km northeast of Mayotte, 122 km southwest of the Glorious Islands and 300 km west of Madagascar's northern tip. The reef is separated from Maylotte by the 3500m deep abyss.

Greyser appears at low tide in shape of a crescent moon with points facing west and some rocks in the south.

It is approximately 8 km long, its oval is approximately 5 km wide and covers an area of 175 km². The largest rock in the southern part rises to almost 8 m, the others from 1 to 3 m and has some grasses and shrubs.


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Day 1:

Check-in and boarding at 1pm. Set sail to Geyser bank, which takes approximately 20 to 24h.

Day 2-8:

Arrival at Geyser bank on the next day. For the next 7 days with 2 dives per day you can explore the Geyser bank and enjoy the beautiful underwater world to the fullest. The famoust and most incredible dive spots are Beaver bank and Cape Sebastien.

Day 9:

After the last dives in Cape Sebastien, we sail to the Mistio achipelago and stay at free anchor overnight at big Mistio.

Day 10: 

On the last day with 2 dives in the morning we will return to Nosy Be, where we arrive in the afternoon.

Please note: This experience is exclusively for scuba divers.

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