A Price Comparison: Holidays aboard a Catamaran vs. a Hotel Suite in Sicily (Aeolian Islands)

10.07.2019 Adrian Walker

We often get asked, "how much does it cost to charter a yacht?". You might be surprised to learn that the cost to charter a yacht can actually be very similar to the cost of a hotel stay. In this blog post we compare the cost of a one week holiday in a spacious hotel suite, with a yacht rental in the Aeolian Islands, for a family of four based on two adults and two kids; 7 nights in May.

Price of a hotel suite in Sicily

Let us start with the price point for a hotel suite. We looked at Grand Hotel San Pietro in Sicily and identified the following hotel price package in May.

The price for 7 nights is €5,170 for a family of four. This includes: accommodation, VAT, breakfast, access to swimming pool.

Price of an Aeolian Islands yacht charter

Now, let us compare this to an Aeolian Islands yacht rental. The Lagoon 400 S2 Catamaran is comfortable, safe and very spacious. Ideal for a family. Starting point: Capo D’Orlando Marina, Sicily 1-week cruise around the Aeolian Islands. This Catamaran can accommodate up to 10 people: 8 guests and 2 crew.

The price for 1-week crewed catamaran charter in May is €5,210.

This includes a skipper, accommodation aboard a catamaran and all small extras such as final cleaning and port fees are included. This catamaran has 4 guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms and a large galley as well as outside areas for al fresco dining & sunbathing. Much more space than a suite or 2 rooms in a hotel.

A catamaran is usually the preferred choice of yacht for families. This is because of the space & comfort aboard the boat (as opposed to a monohull sailing yacht, which is usually preferred by couples or sailing enthusiasts for performance).

From the comparison above, we can see that the price of a private yacht charter is similar to an equivalent hotel stay. In many ways the choice between these two types of holiday comes down to your own sense of adventure.

Read on to discover some of the unique experiences you simply can't get from a traditional land-based holiday. 

There's so much more to experience on a sailing holiday

One of the unrivalled benefits of a Yacht Charter is the experience aspect of the holiday. At Boataffair, we are proud to offer unique yacht experiences on the water around the globe. For this Lagoon 400 S2 Catamaran we propose the following 7 day cruise (this can be, of course, altered based on the individual clients' wishes) - please click on the following link:

7 Day Aeolian Islands yacht rental with Volcano visit

There is plenty to see on this 7 day yacht cruise. You will have authentic Italian experiences, visit remote areas only accesible by sea. Enjoy breathtaking views and of course have crystal clear waters all around you. A source of unforgettable stories is guaranteed - this crewed yacht charter off the coast of Italy ensures this.

A holiday aboard a catamaran offers the following unrivalled benefits.

  • A hotel stay means you will do more local sightseeing only. If you factor in the cost of visiting multiple locations (i.e. petrol, car rental costs, transaction costs and time – as you are not visiting aboard the boat), then it won’t even be feasible to have a proper rest during the holiday AND see so much.
  • Island hopping ensures a variety of sightseeing & activities for all family members. Shopping in Lipari, hiking to the active volcano, authentic restaurants and deserted beaches and bays.
  • Highly educational for kids. See historical sites, learn about volcanos, learn how to sail to a certain extent.
  • Watersports aboard a catamaran.
  • Options to sleep on the free anchor and feel totally relaxed and away from everyday noise & tourists.
  • You get to really bond as a family on a sailing holiday. Away from technology and crowds. In nature. Offline if you want to be.
  • You get to experience truly authentic Italy, with every island offering their varied local niche cuisine, flavours and influences.
  • You have full access to the “beach” at any point in time – going for a swim in crystal clear waters is simply jumping off the Catamaran. Easy & oh so pleasurable.

In conclusion, a one-week voyage aboard this Catamaran, will offer more space, more varied and educational experiences, more things to see and to do that are included in the price, more privacy and comfort at a total lower cost.

We look forward to creating your bespoke holiday aboard one of our professionally managed yachts in 60+ locations around the globe. We would love to have a conversation - drop us a line at jessica@boataffair.com and we can't wait to hear from you!

A Price Comparison: Holidays aboard a Catamaran vs. a Hotel Suite in Sicily (Aeolian Islands)
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