Boataffair Stars in Park Hyatt Zurich’s “Hyatt Loves Local” Season 2

16.08.2021 Fiona Mokry

Zurich has plenty to offer national and international visitors when it comes to luxury services. The 5-star Park Hyatt Zurich hotel and Zurich Champions (the city’s elite service provider) team up to spotlight the top Swiss brands in the second season of Park Hyatt Zurich’s “Hyatt Loves Locals”. The campaign highlights five of the city’s hottest brands and most successful entrepreneurs. Boataffair is honored to be ranked alongside luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen and internationally-renowned leather artisan Atelier Peter Nitz, among others.

As a luxury yacht charter service, Boataffair was chosen for its ability to meet the individual needs and desires of their distinguished clientele while providing an unparalleled charter experience aboard some of the world’s finest vessels. Boataffair offers charter yachts in 60-plus countries, and don’t worry if you don’t know how to sail—all the vessels come with a professional crew.

Husband and wife pair Adrian and Natalya Walker, owners and founder of Boataffair, chatted with Park Hyatt Zurich’s Jennifer Chow on how they got started, Boataffair’s vision, and what kind of boating experience customers can expect in and around Zurich:

Boataffair was founded when Adrian and Natalya were sailing together (a shared passion they’ve both enjoyed since childhood) and began discussing how they could bring their love of boating and sailing to others. “When we looked into the yacht charter market, we quickly realized it was two-sided. Either you had the mass-market solutions that don’t satisfy the affluent clientele…or you have super yacht charters that are for 1% of the population,” Natalya explained during an interview with Ms. Chow. “We identified a massive gap for high quality yachts and high quality experiences for clients who want to enjoy holidays and occasion on the boats.”

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Adrian Walker explains what it means to be a “yacht experience company” and how Boataffair’s concept exceeds that of traditional boat charter companies. “We don’t just sell the boat as a product; we sell the experience as a service. We provide water toys, kayaks, snorkel equipment – basically make sure children are happy with various activities, while the parents enjoy their gourmet dinners, restaurant tours, etc. In a nutshell, we make sure that people don’t just get their yacht; they get the whole experience surrounding it. This is what Boataffair stands for.”

Customers can expect impeccable service from Boataffair when they book a Swiss holiday aboard a luxury yacht, as well as the chance to see Switzerland in a truly unique way. Adrian describes an ideal day on one of Switzerland’s great lakes: “Imagine a whole day on the lake in Zurich, visiting different locations and restaurants, (enjoying) food and wine on the boat, and all the spectacular sights you can see around the lake.” Natalya adds that the Lake of Lucerne, just a 40-minute drive from Zurich, becomes like Miami Beach in the summer months, providing clients with a more festive atmosphere and local social experience. Boataffair also offers authentic sightseeing experiences on the Lake of Geneva with another ample selection of motor yachts and sailing yachts.


Since its launch in 2017, Boataffair has climbed the ladder to become one of Zurich’s brightest gems. What’s the secret behind their success? “We listen to our clients”, Adrian says, “and we come up with new experiences and new itineraries.” For example, Adrian and Natalya curated a unique submarine and scuba diving experience for a family who booked a superyacht in the Mediterranean Sea for February 2022. Adrian and Natalya also stay on top of new developments around the globe and how it relates to their customers’ yacht experience by keeping in touch with their professional yacht managers about new routes, itineraries, and activities.

The cherry on top of Boataffair’s premium service is the ability for customers to book VIP services like chauffeur-driven airport transportation, reservations in exclusive restaurants, and gourmet chefs to cater to their specific tastes and dietary needs while aboard.

Boataffair’s recognition by Park Hyatt Zurich solidifies the company’s place among the elite group of Zurich-based luxury brands. Superior service and individually-crafted experiences are Boataffair’s top priorities and customers can depend on this yacht experience company to go above and beyond their every need, every time.