How to Choose a Family Yacht Charter

24.11.2021 Fiona Mokry

A yacht holiday is not just for adults! Did you know the whole family can vacation in style with a family yacht charter equipped with all the comforts of home, entertainment for the kids and - of course - exclusive perks for the parents.

Here’s your guide to booking your family yacht charter with Boataffair:

What to consider when booking a family yacht

Booking a yacht for your next family vacation is a big decision, and you'll find the decisions don't stop after you've selected the type of family yacht you want. There's a slew of other things to consider, so allow Boataffair to weigh in as your expert consultants when narrowing down the options for your family yacht charter. Here are a few main things to consider:


Choosing a location might sound obvious, but it's important to consider the aspects of a destination that impact your yacht charter. Before you go, you'll want to know the climate, weather, culture, and travel limitations (if any) of your desired locale so there are no surprises.


There's nothing wrong with booking a family yacht charter during the shoulder or rainy seasons; in fact, many seasoned travellers prefer the peaceful atmosphere and crowd-free ports in the wake of high season. However, it's important to prepare for the weather that comes with whatever season in which you decide to travel. If the off-season appeals to you, make sure to bring rain gear and some warmer clothes in case of a squall. If your priority is a yacht charter in high season, plan to make reservations well in advance.

Yacht size:

Multiple factors come into play when deciding on the best yacht for your family. One major consideration is yacht size and the number of passengers the vessel can hold. Each one of Boataffair's yachts is built to accommodate a specific number of people, so the yacht size should fit your family's needs. Due to Boataffair's commitment to quality service and privacy, the maximum number of passengers on Boataffair's catamarans and motor yachts is 12 people.

Crewed vs bareboat:

All of Boataffair's vessels can e booked with an experienced captain and crew, so no sailing experience is necessary to book a family yacht charter. With a crewed boat, you can completely relax and let someone else take care of the navigating, planning, and responsibility of the vessel. If you've got some experience and the proper credentials, Boataffair offers bareboat charters on vessels up to 50 feet (a crew is required on vessels more than 50 feet), allowing you to take the helm and control the day's adventure.


Being on a boat doesn't mean there's a lack of things to do. Charters feature entertainment options for children, adults, and older family members. While adults can enjoy catered meals and expert wine pairings on board, younger passengers stay busy with water toys like tubes and bananas that can be pulled with a motorized dinghy. The whole family can set off on kayak or Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) board excursions, and snorkeling is always a hit. These are a few of the available activities onboard, but we're always happy to accommodate specific requests!

How to Choose a Family Yacht Charter

What is the best family yacht?

Once you consider all the factors of your family yacht holiday, it's time to pick the best family yacht charter for you. Boataffair recommends a catamaran or a motor yacht as the best choice for families.

Catamarans offer more comfort than a motor yacht due to the stability and balance of the dual-hull design. The two hulls also house cabins on either side of the vessel and ensures you won't meet the party staying on the other side. This is advantageous if you're sharing the catamaran with another family and want some privacy—or if your children are old enough to want a little space from the rest of the family.

A motor yacht is the best family yacht if you're looking to cover a significant distance and get from point A to point B more quickly. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of a motor yacht is undeniably eye-catching and can sometimes come with luxurious extras—like a jacuzzi, sauna, or gym—which most catamarans don't offer. Note that the cost to fuel a motor yacht will run higher than that of a catamaran

Whether you opt for a catamaran, a motor yacht, or even a superyacht, these are six exceptional choices for your family yacht charter:

Best Family Catamarans:

For plenty of space for entertaining without compromising sailing performance, look no further than the Lagoon 450F.

The Lagoon 50 turns heads both at sea and on anchor with its cozy interior and sprawling sun deck.

The Sunreef 80 Luxury Catamaran is the best choice if luxurious living spaces and all the little extras (think: onboard trampoline and water skis) are priorities.

Best Family Motor Yachts:

The Rizzardi Technema 80 is equipped for both adventure and comfort with onboard water sport equipment and plenty of chill-out spaces.

Elegant and modern, the San Lorenzo SL100 is a 100-foot stunner outfitted with all the luxurious amenities as well as onboard entertainment and an extensive selection of water toys. 

It is also fun to have families vacation together and this 38 meter Damietta superyacht can accommodate this with plenty of space, luxurious cabins, jacuzzi and plenty of water toys on board. 


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