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Explore the beautiful Aland Islands on a modern sailing boat. We can tailor a unique itinerary for you to see the magnificent archipelago, please see below.

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Stockholm’s magnificent archipelago indeed seems endless, and offers endless possibilities to the adventurous sailor looking to explore this gem of a cruising ground. Nearly 30,000 islands dot the seascape along Sweden’s east coast, extending seaward from the historic harbors and waterways of Stockholm city. The vast archipelago offers experiences to suit everyone, from adventurous sailing, hiking and exploring in remote, uninhabited wilderness, to contemporary cuisine by the fireside of a rustic seaside café. In short, Stockholm’s archipelago delivers an enormous variety of experiences to the cruising sailor, set within one of the most unique environments on the planet.

Today, 170 islands in the Stockholm archipelago (without land connection or bridges) are inhabited, mostly seasonally by vacationers and Stockholmers with summer homes in the archipelago. Nearly 150,000 leisure boats ply the waters around the archipelago, and visitors are treated to the choice of over 100 restaurants & cafes. The islands offer escape from the city to an untouched peacefulness that only nature can provide. Clean water, unspoiled landscapes and fresh air abound in the archipelago, making these cruising grounds so enjoyable.

A day’s sail from Stockholm, the Åland Islands bridge the gap between Sweden and Finland. The tumultuous history of the Åland Islands is as unique as the cruising grounds itself, which includes nearly 6,500 islands, rocks and skerries – only 80 of which are inhabited.

The gorgeous harbors & marinas in Mariehamn, Åland’s unique village capital, will have you feeling right at home. The Åland Islands are culturally, politically and geographically unique. Åland’s 6,500 islands are in fact part of Finland, yet they indeed have their own very unique culture. Aland Islander’s are extremely proud of their heritage and independence, and despite their Finnish nationality, they speak Swedish and fly their own flag.

Åland’s tumultuous history is due in large part to it’s strategic location in the Baltic between Sweden and Finland, and the islander’s insistence on remaining sovereign. It’s status today was cemented in a decision by the 1921 League of Nations, and though it’s included in the European Union, was granted several exemptions in order to maintain it’s unique heritage.

Åland may comprise a dizzying amount of islands to explore, yet it’s population is relatively small, and the islanders will indeed make you feel right at home. Spend your time ashore cycling back country roads, visiting historic monuments, or simply relaxing in a seaside cafe on Torggatan, Mariehamn’s lively main street. Don’t miss one of the world’s last commercial sailing ships, the Pommern, not permanently docked in Västerhamn Harbor, in Mariehamn. This once-great ship last sailed from South Australia in 1947, and is now a museum, offering an interesting glimpse into a not-so-distant seafaring past.

Suggested Itinerary

Enjoy an exciting seven-day adventure to Åland, or experience our 14 day trip with a little extra leisure time.

Seven Days:
Saltsjö (Stockholm) -Duvnäs –Fejan – Mariehamn –Sotunga – Degerby – Rödhamn – Sandhamn – Saltsjö-Duvnäs

Fourteen Days (2 days stop on the island group Kökar and Mariehamn):
Saltsjö (Stockholm) -Duvnäs – Fejan –Mariehamn – Degerby – Sotunga –Kumlinge – Brändö(Djurholm) – Kökar (Hellsö) – Rödhamn – Sandhamn – Saltsjö-Duvnäs

All our experiences can be enjoyed aboard a wide range of crewed yachts available for charter. Please let us know your budget, preferred dates and number of people and we will send you a personalised offer for this type of experience.
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