7-Day Holiday: Our Suggested Route from Volos

Island Hopping

Try this route from our base in Volos to visit the best places of the region

Find your sailing yacht at the central port of Volos. The reception of your yacht takes place by 18:00, and your check-in and familiarization with the yacht lasts about 2 hours. You can also take the time to enjoy a drink, a meal or a stroll along the beautiful seafront of the town.
Alternatively, you can take a 10-minute bus journey or a 30-minute walk to enjoy an afternoon or evening swim at the organised beach of Anavros, where you can also enjoy a meal. We also suggest that you visit the village of Makrinitsa on Mount Pelion, at a height of 550m and 20km (30 minutes by road) away from the town. At Makrinitsa, you will not only discover the impressive traditional architecture of the area, but you will also have
a splendid view of the entire Pagasitikos Gulf where you will sail the next day.

Depart for the island of Skiathos, which you should reach in about 6 hours. The numerous southern beaches of the island, such as Koukounaries, are known for their golden sands, beach parties and famous visitors from political and cultural circles. Navigation is safe – except at Troulos. On
the way, you can enjoy the many beautiful beaches and make short stops to swim. You will need to reach the port of Skiathos before 18:00, in order to find a mooring place in the busy period, 15/07- 15/09. If not, you will need to anchor, taking care not to be too close to the flight path of planes landing at the airport. In the port you will find water, electricity and fuel for the yacht and a large shopping and tourist market. You can enjoy yourself in the numerous restaurants and bars in the town, all night if you wish. We suggest the little island of Tsougria for swimming or a day trip.

If you have the ‘energy’ after a late night, you can leave for the island of Skopelos. Sail in the direction of Sail Aegean’s second base at Loutraki harbour, which you should reach in about 2 hours. This is a safe harbour with water, electricity and fuel facilities and a small shopping market. Nearby, there is a beach where you can swim, and some local cafés/ restaurants. You can take the bus for a 35-minute ride to the traditional town of Skopelos, where you will also find the central port of the town. The town is situated on the NE side of the island. The town port is safe, but difficult to enter and exit when there are strong winds. Alternatively, you could stay the night in the bay of Panormos. The place to anchor is in the eastern part of the bay, which is quiet and safe but has no facilities. Care should be taken as the seabed is hard: you will need to use the entire length of the anchor chain and to secure the yacht with a line to a stable point on the shore.

Depart in the direction of the island of Alonissos, which you should reach in about 3 hours. The port of Alonissos (Patitiri) is situated on the SE end of the island. It is a small harbour with few mooring places and a troublesome swell. Here, we suggest you visit the museum in the port and the old town at the top of the hill, 10 minutes away by local bus. You will discover traditional houses, impressive views, a piano bar under the stars, and good food. Alternatively, you can stay in Steni Valla bay - a narrow bay with a choice of small cafes and restaurants. You can find water at thecafés and a small food market. Great care should be taken when approaching the quay, as the water is less than 2m deep and you are in danger of damaging the rudder. You should drop anchor as close as possible to the southern shore and slowly approach the northern side,
paying attention to the quay and stopping the yacht at least 3m from the shore.

Depart for the southern end of the island of Peristera, which you should reach in 1.5 hours. Peristera bay is a safe place to anchor with an attractive beach. Alternatively, depart for the northern end of the island of Evia, the little “Pontikoniso”, which you should reach in 3.5 hours. It is safe to anchor in the southern bay of the island, but there are no facilities or inhabitants. There are, however, fishing boats where you can
buy fresh fish.

Depart for the small fishing village of the island of Trikeri, which you should reach in 3-6 hours. This is a safe harbour with traditional tavernas. If the ‘noise’ and lights of this little village bother you, you can spend a quiet night in the neighbouring bay, called “Pithos”. From there, it is a 15-minute walk to the village. We also suggest that you visit the island’s monastery, a 15-minute walk from the harbour. Alternatively, you can try to reach the port of Amaliapolis, about 1.5 hours away from Trikeri on the SW side of the Gulf on the way to Volos. You can tie up on the quay or drop anchor in the eastern side of the bay and use the dinghy to reach the shore. It is a quiet fishing village and tourist resort, with a sandy beach, tavernas and a mini-market. 

You should wake up early and be ready to leave Trikeri by 06:00 in the direction of Volos, which you should reach in about 3 hours. Be ready to check out of your yacht by about 09:00. If you have time, we suggest that you visit the spectacular rock towers of Meteora and their monasteries. As they are 140km away from Volos, you should inform us in good time if you would like us to organise your trip.

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