Sailing Yacht Charter

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Sailing Yacht Charter


Why do you want to choose a Sailing Yacht for charter? What are the key features of the sailing yacht charter holidays and trips? 

A monohull sailing yacht is beautiful and usually the image you have in mind when talking about sailing. They are classy and sleek. For those looking for performance or wanting to learn to sail, a monohull sailing yacht is ideal for your next yacht charter. This type of vessel is geared towards those who want to experience sailing in the wind and who want to learn the sport. Ideal for smaller groups, a couple or a family.

A sailing yacht is an ideal choice for a day trip too. Experience the elements, swim in the water and enjoy the wind in your hair. But also suited for a weekly vacation where you can enjoy good beds in the living quarters, a dedicated living area and kitchen amenities.

A sailing yacht guarantees a memorable day or a sailing holiday on the water for everybody.