Marmaris, Muğla, Turkey Along the Coast

Visit the Southwestern Turkish coastline

DAY 1: The boarding starts at 3:30 p.m. from Marmaris Port. First day the service starts in the boat with dinner and the overnight takes place in Marmaris Port. Marmaris which has been under the governorship of so many different nationalities has been built upon the antique Karian city; Phyckos.The most valuable work-piece that you will see today is Marmaris Castle, built in 1577. Marmaris is one of the best-known touristic places of Turkey; plus, there is a lovely marina for yachts.

DAY 2: Starts with a welcome on board meeting while you enjoying your breakfast. You will be informed about the cruise programme and the boat. During this time your captain will be completing the port- departure procedures and your dream cruise will start with Ekincik Gulf. You may join our optional Dalyan Tour from here. You will pass from natural beauty in through the delta by the river boat named as Piyade and arrive to Dalyan which was founded by Miletos son and known as one of the Karia City.

In addition to its ancient value with its Rock Tombs, Akropol Castle, Ancient Theater and Bazalica complex it displays another natural beauty with Caretta- Caretta Turtles. Lunch will be in Caretta-Caretta restaurant in the reed with a view of Rock Tombs. After you will go to Mud Bath and Turtle Beach. Dinner and overnighting in Gulf of Ekincik.

DAY 3: Because of wavy cape that is need to be passed Disibilmez and Kurtoglu place, yacht sails earlier than other days and anchored to Tershane Bay for breakfast. It is a natural protected bay and used as a harbour.byzanitons and ottomans time they used that place for Boatyards.Swimming break and lunch we will going to Manastir Bay. This place the beautiful underwater ruins of a 2000 year old hamam which is also known as Cleopatras hamam can be seen from the surface of the sea

DAY 4: Fourth day of our cruise we will enter Fethiye Harbour. Fethiye which was known as a Telmessos in ancient time was one of the important cities situated Lykias west border with Karia. It is believed that name came from Apollon's son Telmessos. Its means lights country. Fethiye lie down as a half circle along the bay protected by 12 Islands. You can visit city center or you can go to Olu Deniz and Saklikent by minibus. Diner and overnighting is in one of the small bay near to Fethiye harbour.

DAY 5: After breakfast we will go to see the most beautiful islands and stay in Gocek island. After lunch and swimming break we are going to Yassica islands stay owernighting with wonderful view.

DAY 6: After breakfast we will go to Bedri Rahmi. Bedri Rahmi is a famous Turkish artist who made one of the first Blue Cruise in Turkey. The bay is named as Bedri Rahmi after his visit. We will anchor in Domuz Island for dinner and overnighting

DAY 7: Today we will start to sail early through Kadirga Bay. Lunch and swimming break will be in Kadirga Bay. After the lunch we will go to Turunc Bay and Cennet bay for a swimming break. That will be last break before going to Marmaris Horbour. Afternoon at 17 :00 we will be in Marmaris Harbour for overnighting. Passengers who wish can see the Marmaris city center and the lovely night life

DAY 8: Disemberkation with unforgatteble memories after breakfast, by 10:30 o'clock from the boat


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