Eastern Sardinia

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When visiting Sardinia, the eastern part of the island is unmissable, with beautiful spots to stop for a swim and lovely cities to visit


Starting from Cala dei Sardi, heading south, crossing Capo Figari and Olbia Gulf, you will reach Tavolara Island.
You can stay at the anchor in the Spalmatore bay (good for anchoring), right in front of a beautiful beach, you can swim and enjoy a fantastic view.
At the evening you can eat in the restaurant on the beach. The north-east part of the island is forbidden to sail and anchorage is prohibited because of the presence of a military zone.
In the south part you can find the islets of Molara and Molarotto, and the famous “pools” deserve a stop

Porto Ottiolu

Going further south, you can find San Teodoro, with its famous Cinta beach, and coming down again you can reach the well-equipped Ottiolu harbor. Here you can take a break and go ashore.
In the Marina there are several restaurants and pizzerias and nightclubs for the cool nights.
Around the harbor there are several beaches reachable even on foot from the Marina.

Cala Luna

Sailing to the south there are Bue Marino caves, next to Cala Gonone, you can stay at the anchor and you can take a guided tour inside the cave, very suggestive! 
Returning to sail, you arrive to Cala Luna.
The cave is narrow from steep rock walls opening on the beach with large caves where you can find cool weather from the summer heat. 
Behind the beach there is a freshwater river crossed by a wooden bridge leading to a service area, restaurant and bar.

Cala Sisine/Cala Goloritze

Going further south you can find Cala Sisine wide 200 mt. Representing the mouth of a small winter stream descending from the nearby mountains, the beach opens amongst the spectacular cliffs that rise from over 500 m to the steep slopes of the sea.
It is flanked by two rocky shrubs that give this place a singular aspect of the mountain, enhanced by the forest on the gorge walls with its centuries-old carob and leccio trees.
The seabottom is made up of white sand of large limestone grains and rounded stones from the sea. Its waters are of a turquoise variant for the light games created by the sun reflecting on the seabottom. This place is therefore an ideal destination for those who want to dive, even with the mask and snorkel, in its waters full of fish. There is a restaurant on the beach.

One of the stretches of the Gulf of Orosei where the sea and the mountain meet in perfect harmony is Cala Golorizte: towards the east, a crystalline sea that blends from an intense blue to an incredible turquoise will leave you enchanted; To the south, a stone arch dives into its crystalline waters further enriching this scenic creek. Always south, but this time towards the promontory behind, stands Punta Caroddi. It is a tall spur 147 meters above sea level, which stands on Cala Goloritze with its fascinating form of eagle.

La Caletta

The city of La Caletta has a well-equipped harbor from which you can reach by walk the center of the city. The evening, the main street of the town is closed to the traffic transforming in a wonderful walking through stalls and locals.
The beach of white sands is very long, till Santa Lucia.

Capo Coda Cavallo

Sailing back to the north we suggest a stop in Capo Coda Cavallo bay, an oasis of calm within walking distance of Emerald Cost. The landscape is breathtaking: colors and feelings will be indelible in the memory.
The beaches are white with fine sand surrounded by rocks, coves, islets, repetitive lagoons, as far as you visit you will never see them all.
You will always find, with any wind, a beach with calm sea, either on the South Coast or in the North, and a desert corner just for you.

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