Tour of Itaipu Beach

Praia de Itaipú - Itaipú, Niterói - RJ, Brasil Along the Coast

Walk for 3 or 6 hours, on the beautiful beach of Itaipú, sipping shrimps and fish on board!

The beach of Itaipú is located in the oceanic region of Niterói, being the only oceanic beach of the municipality to be characterized by its calm waters, that occurs due to the formation of cove of that beach.

It is mainly due to the tranquility of the Itaipú seas that this beach presents itself as a great attraction, being quite safe both for leisure and for boats that use the Itaipú seas as a port. It is due to this characteristic that Itaipu is home to one of the largest colonies of fishermen in Niterói.

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18 6 h
Discover the beautiful beach of Itaipú
Available with 5 yachts
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