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We love to guide you to live your dream, whatever your dream is.

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April 12 - April 23 2019

Guadaloupe - Antigua - Guadaloupe

A healthy body, living in abundance, finding your soulmate, having a pure and open communication with your partner or children. Finding your perfect job or place to live.

Feeling peaceful & joyful, in love with yourself.

In these 11 days we go together for your dream. It will be a wonderful journey of discovering, connecting, sharing, relaxing and having fun :-)!

We're going to sail from Guadeloupe to Antigua and back to Guadeloupe. We will sail from one beautiful place to another, swimming, snorkeling, discovering a new world under water filled with magic, walking on the beach, exploring little villages, hiking.

Our coaching is pure intuitively. Lien is very good in feeling what is going on inside everyone. Gi is very good in bringing you back to your essence. Together we are a great team, pure, open and honest :-)!

We create a peaceful, joyful and harmonious atmosphere where everyone feels at home and can be himself, herself. 

There is no strict planning. Everything is open and we decide together, day by day. Share with us what you would love to do and we make this journey together. About the sailing, places you want to go to and also about the coaching moments. If you like to try a certain kind of meditation, yoga, exercise, just tell us, we love to exchange ideas!

We will have a lot of moments where we share whatever is going on inside us. Being pure, open and vulnerable. We will encourage you to express your emotions, letting them out freely. 

We're going to fine tune your dream with playful exercises, let out your creativity and intuition, to feel your dream in every cell of your body and make it come true :-)!

Are you ready to go for your dream and live your dream? We are :-)!

We love you and we are here for you

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