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The best time for Maldives surfing trips is the Southern Hemisphere winter, which lasts from March ’til October. During this period, the roaring forties cause storms which bring the largest swells to the archipelago. The biggest waves are likely to occur in June, July and August. During this period, the wind is mainly offshore all day long. This paradise is exposed to the same swells as Indonesia is, except that its higher latitude and its South-East exposure offers cooler and less hardcore surfing. The typical Maldivian wave rolls up like most point breaks with workable corners, fun pockets and long rides. Very rarely will the sets wall up or close out the channels. The waves break on mostly dead reef, and very rarely will you come in contact with it unless you are surfing on a very low tide.

Surfing in the Maldives is tempered by the North-East and South-West monsoons. During the North-East monsoon (from March until April), conditions are optimal in the Southern Atolls. From May to October, during the South-West monsoon, the best surfing area is in the Northern atolls or the Central atolls. A Maldives surfing charter is one of the best ways to experience the many different waves and breaks. If you have any questions regarding our charter boats, what is included on the surf trip, or any other questions regarding the Maldives surfing experience, please visit our FAQ page or contact us directly.

The best surf spots in the Maldives

The Malé Atolls
The Malé Atolls have been popular with surfers for quite some time thanks to a variety of spots that stay fairly consistent, especially in the prime summer months, when south swells are abundant. This occurs between April and October.

March and November can be considered transition months, but sometimes it’s very surprisingly good. Winds blowing from west or southwest may be common at this time of year, but many of the surf breaks in this island reef chain are well protected and will remain clean, while others will be offshore.

Crowding can sometimes be an issue because of the relatively easy access of the breaks, courtesy of the many boats in this rich wave zone and due to the resorts that shuttle surfers out to the breaks. The best surf spot in the Malé Atolls of the Maldives are:

Wave located in Villingilimathi Huraa uninhabited island, next to Thulusdhoo Island (on the other side of the channel). This wave holds swell size from 3ft to well over 10ft and provides rides up to 500m long. This is a long left-hand wave with 2 sections where you can easily get barrels on the last section of the wave.

On its big swell days and perfect wind conditions, it may be one of the best waves in the world, only advisable for intermediate or experienced surfers. The best thing about Chickens is it gets the most swell out of most the breaks in North Male. Works well with winds from north-west and north-east. The name of this wave is due to the poultry farm that exists on the island, and not due to surfers’ reaction to high swells!

Also close to the Island of Thulusdhoo, this is a right-handed wave recommended for intermediate surfers or experienced especially when the swell is big. The wave It is a hollow and tubular right-hander that. breaks over a shallow reef and is known as one of the best waves in the Maldives. The wave’s name is due to the Coca-Cola factory nearby on the island of Thulusdhoo. Works best with winds from south and north-east.

This left hand wave picks up plenty of swell and reaches perfection with big south swell and north wind. You may see some shifting peaks according to tides. Since it is accessible from the shore, it is very popular within locals. It is an easy ride recommended to all surf levels

Located in the island of Thaburudhoo (on the same island as Sultans), some consider it the best wave of the Maldives, but maybe not as popular as Cokes and Chickens.

When the conditions are met, it is a true World Class, that’s for sure! It is a super long, left-hand wave that can double in the second section. It is a fast left at 4-6ft and needs the right swell direction. Worth checking out if Sultans is crowded. It is an ideal spot for winter on North-East wind.

Also known as Prison Point, situated on the island of Himafushi, this spot was only recently opened to surfers because it is located right across the national jail. Here you will find a perfect right wave fairly fast that starts off low and growing as it advances.
A right-hander that works better with big swell as it forms a longer wave, otherwise has three solid sections. The name is because there used to be a prison in the island. This is probably the fastest wave in the Maldives with long walls and 3 tube sections

A Small and short left-hander that works very good with NW to N winds and rarely gets over 1 meter.

Named after the island resort Lohifushi. Consistent left-hander that breaks in two sections, but, if the swell is big enough it can form a perfect long wave that barrels across the reef. Every year between May to June this spot hosts the WQS O’Neill Deep Blue’s.
This spot works well with north-west and north-east winds but it is ideal with swell from south-east and winds from north-west.

This is a hollow and fast right wave that breaks over a shallow coral. It’s “Goofys Paradise” or if you’re fast on the backhand you will love this wave. Breaks for 100 to 150 metres and provides many barrel opportunities. Best with SE swell and NW wind. On transfer you will visit both Foxy’s and Rip Tides, so you get the best of both worlds.

Slow right-hander, good for beginners and long-boarders . Presumably named because it’s one of the favourite waves of the Japanese surfers. Best conditions on W-NW winds with a moderate S swell. However swells larger than 4ft ruin it.

Pasta Point
Wave that is exclusive to the guests staying at the Chaaya Island Dhonveli Resort. This wave is an amazing left that has two famous sections, one named Macarroni bowl due to its bowling type of section and Lock jaws that only works on days when the swell is big and grinds into very shallow water over the reef.

A right hander breaking for 150 meters on a reef in the middle of a channel. Only accessed by boat. The wave was named as sometimes very strong currents can sweep you seaward so we always check current conditions before settling in for a session. Great wave for the longboarders and shortboarders as well as low intermediate surfers, providing very carvable walls with the occasional hollow section. Best with S swell and SW wind.

Super fast right-hand wave that works better with bigger swell and can become very long with swell from the south, best conditions are found with winds from the west and high tide.. If Honky’s is onshore, then Sultans will be offshore. An easy right-hander with an inside a little faster. It is one of the most consistent waves and there will always be something to surf.

The Central Atolls
It’s not hard to guess that conditions in Central Atolls are something in between Male Atolls and South Atolls. This means that surf season can be extended from March till November. Prime season is still northern hemisphere summer (from June till September). This is when bigger swell arrives to shore and winds are blowing continually offshore.

These breaks are far less popular and it will be hard to find someone else surfing with you. If you find a reef sucking barrel that looks rather intimidating, you’ll likely find a more welcoming and forgiving wave just around the corner or on the next reef pass.

Numerous world class breaks have been discovered in the Central Atolls, mostly in the form of right-handers. You will find spots protected from all wind directions except a rare straight easterly breeze. The best surf spot in theCentral Atolls of the Maldives are:

Muli breaks in two ways: Inside (F1) or Outside (Mushrooms). Muli Inside/F1is a very fast barreling righthander with long walls and hollow. Can be shallow, but still with a safe ending. Very well protected from southerly winds, needs bigger swells to work. Muli Outside/Mushrooms usually picks up more swell, good in SW winds, right hander with long walls and easy exit on the corner.

Mulhaku Rights/Lefts
This is another two ways wave. The right can hold bigger swells, easy to ride even when it is big. Good for intermediates and even beginners.
The left is faster, very shallow and works only in certain types of conditions.

Perfect left hander with long wall. Easy take off with several options with long rides. Not too heavy – great fun.

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