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Discover the incredible beauty of Mallorca on board a fantastic beauty

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From our port in Can Pastilla, you can explore all the Palma Bay, a perfect place to enjoy a boat trip.
At the West of the bay, you will fnd a lot of lovely coves (Cala Figuera, Portalls Vells, Cala Major…). You will also admire the city of Palma from sea, with its huge harbour (cruise ships, yachts, sailboats,…), its impressive cathedral,…
At the East of Can Pastilla there is the biggest sand beach of Mallorca, then a natural reserve very well preserved, very few built, withamazing cliffs (Cala Blava, Cabo Enderrocat, Cabo Blanco, Cala Pi,…).
Depending on the type of boat rent and the rental duration, we will provide the best itinerary advices in line with your desires.

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Fantastic tour of Mallorca on a yacht
Available with 5 yachts
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